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Speedwell Forge Lake Senior Session

Aug 12, 2021

Speedwell Forge Lake Senior Session

From an intense thunderstorm to an extremely humid day, this Speedwell Forge Lake senior session had a little rain delay!
A few weeks ago Alyssa reached out to me about wanting to schedule her senior session with me. We figured out a date, location, and number of outfits, and we were all set to go. Until Mother Nature decided to change things up on us. Unfortunately, we had to reschedule the session because a pretty strong thunderstorm rolled through our area the evening of the session.

For a moment, we almost thought about pushing through, but I’m so glad we didn’t.

There were strong winds, and deep puddles everywhere! It definitely would have been a session to remember…but not in the best way. So it was back to the drawing board for a new date. Luckily, we were able to squeeze another one in before her senior year started up! It may not have been filled with rain, but the humidity was definitely on high!

I was soaked by the end of the session.

Which if you have been following along for a while, may not be too surprising for me to say. It was still a hot one, none-the-less. But with Alyssa heading off to Florida for college, this is perfect prep for her! Heat or no heat, Alyssa was on fire during her session. What started out as a nervous hand over her face being in front of the camera, ended with a girl that I referred to as a model!

I don’t say that very often!

Typically, I have to walk seniors or couples through different poses the whole way through the session. Which to be honest, I love! But when someone just starts moving their head to different spots and changing it up from a smile to a soft look, without me saying a word means they have truly nailed the session. Alyssa just started changing things up, and by the end, I was just letting her be her! I loved the personality that came through as she started to get more and more comfortable!

It was truly her senior session!

I love getting the chance to meet new people through this job I love so much! Alyssa heard of me through one of my Senior Spokesmodels and reached out for a session! Instantly, I felt like we connected and loved hearing about her plans for the future! She is going to do great things. So, watch out world! Alyssa, I wish you all the best in your final year of high school and beyond! Continue to always let your personality shine through! (Even when you have an unexpected audience watching 😉 )! You are so fun and personable, and I hope you love these favorites from your Speedwell Forge Lake Senior session!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

senior girl wearing white midi tank top and blue jeans with left shoulder toward camera as she smiles standing in grass senior girl standing in grass by row of colorful canoes with hands on hips at speedwell forge lake senior girl walking towards camera with left hand on hip as she looks over towards lake senior girl with left shoulder and left leg bent toward camera as she looks over shoulder towards speedwell forge lake senior girl sits in grass with left leg bent and left elbow on knee as she smiles at camera senior girl sitting in grass smiling by tall grasses at speedwell forge lake in lititz pennsylvania girl sitting on red canoe on sunny summer evening with right hand on knees senior girl on red canoe looking out over right shoulder on sunny evening at speedwell forge lake senior girl with arms bent and hands resting up on back of her head as she gazes out over speedwell forge lake senior girl posing by row of colorful canoes along the side of lake on sunny summer evening girl smiling at camera as she walks along row of colorful canoes at speedwell forge lake in lititz pennsylvania senior girl wearing light pink flowy dress stands along dock of lake on sunny evening in august senior girl smiling at camera with her right hand tucking hair behind her right ear by speedwell forge lake senior girl along lake on large rocks by tall grasses on sunny summer evening senior girl on large rocks by speedwell forge lake as the bright sun sets behind her in lititz pennsylvania senior girl posing at end of dock at speedwell forge lake with hands on hips and right shoulder toward camera senior girl looking over left shoulder smiling as she stands on end of dock at lake senior girl smiling with left arm bent and hand resting by her neck while standing under tree at speedwell forge lake



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