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Summer Sunset Overlook Park Engagement Session

Aug 5, 2021

Summer sunset overlook park engagement session.

As fate may have it…

Whoever thought a company “broom ball” tournament could be a foreshadow to a summer sunset overlook park engagement session?? Not I! But that’s exactly what happened to Katarina and Gavin!
The two met in Seattle when fate put the two of them together on the same broom ball team. Gavin was instantly drawn to Katarina’s athleticism and smile and quickly decided to get to know her. Katarina, wasn’t too far behind on noticing him as well. Her draw was towards his humor and kindness.

What started out as friendly competition turned into a close relationship!

Drinks were shared. Guac was enjoyed. Trips were taken. This relationship continued to blossom every time they were together! It didn’t matter if their plans got messed up, Katarina and Gavin always found a way to make the most of every situation!

Laughter is the best medicine!

Gavin is full of great one-liners and hilarious jokes! Even during the engagement session, he’d pull one out of thing air and catch me off guard with how funny it was! To have a woman that always laughs at those jokes is one of his favorite parts about Katarina! But, just like what caught his eye from the beginning, her smile constantly wins out for his favorite thing about her. Just a small glance over to her during the session was all he needed to feel calm and comfortable the whole way through.

He is truly smitten by her!

That same comfort is felt by Katarina, too! He is constantly thinking about her and just making sure she is happy. It’s the little things that go the farthest. Holding her hand as they walk in the grass. Stomping down the tall grass, so it doesn’t tickle her leg. Brushing her hair back when it falls in her face. Small moments. But seeing them throughout the session, solidifies that these two are truly meant to be together!

It is such a special connection!

Our summer sunset overlook park engagement session went by way to fast! Before we knew it, the sunset was faded, and the darkness was setting in! I can’t wait until the wedding day when I get to have you in front of my camera for so many more hours! Especially because it is at the beautiful Barn at Silverstone! Have I told you all how much I love that place? It’s a ton!!! Until July 2022 comes around, though, I hope these favorites can hold you over!

I mean, you guys were stunning!!

Keep making each other laugh. Live like you are in a fairytale, and always show your love even in the small ways! Loved finally meeting you two in person! Let the countdown begin!!!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engaged couple standing close on sunny summer evening among pine tree grove at park couple standing close in pine tree grove at overlook park with sun peeking through trees behind them on summer night guy behind girl with his arms wrapped around her as they both smile next to pine tree grove engaged couple looking at each other smiling in pine tree grove with girl in floral dress and guy in button up shirt and khaki shorts engaged couple walking towards camera with arms wrapped around each other's waist smiling at each other girl looking back over left shoulder smiling and holding hands with guy as she flairs out her floral dress at overlook park guy dips girl back as they kiss among pine tree grove on sunny summer evening engaged couple hugging under willow tree on sunny evening at overlook park in lancaster pennsylvania couple resting foreheads together hugging and smiling and diamond engagement ring displayed engaged couple holding hands and standing close on left side of photo next to tall grasses in lancaster pennsylvania engaged couple hugging and smiling as guy looks down beside tall grasses on sunny summer evening guy almost kiss side of girl's forehead as she smiles at camera beside tall grasses at overlook park engaged couple touching noses and holding hands up between them on bright and sunny summer evening girl wearing flowy mauve dress hugging guy wearing white button up shirt and khaki shorts in lancaster pennsylvania girl hugging guy from behind with her engagement ring displayed by his left shoulder and he's smiling guy twirling girl under his left arm as she flairs out mauve dress with her left hand in lancaster pennsylvania engaged couple stands close together smiling at camera under tree with sun shining behind them engaged couple smiling with foreheads touching under tree at overlook park on summer evening guy standing behind girl as they hold hands and smile at camera beside tree at overlook park engaged couple holding hands smiling and looking at each other by tall wildflowers at overlook park guy lifting girl off the ground as she kicks her heels up and they're almost kissing at overlook park



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