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Foggy Beach Engagement Session in Bay Head, NJ

Jul 14, 2021

Foggy Engagement Session in Bay Head, NJ

Talk about insane weather swings! That’s honestly the craziest thing to talk about during this foggy engagement session in Bay Head, NJ. Victoria and Logan were so excited to do a beach engagement session!

It just spoke exactly to who they were and what they loved!

So we settled on Bayhead, NJ! It was a perfect location because the bay and beach were only two blocks away from each other, and in between were rows of adorable, colorful beach houses with stunning flowers all around! Basically, a photographer’s paradise! The ideas in my head were just flowing!

However, I definitely didn’t see this next part coming!

As I was about 20 minutes from the location, I started to notice clouds rolling in. The forecast didn’t show any chance of rain, so I didn’t think to much of it. Clouds are actually nice in some instances because you don’t have to worry about the harsh shadows from the sun. I was actually looking forward to being able to shoot at a new angle because I wouldn’t be battling the sun. As I continued to drive, though, the clouds continued to roll in. And roll in.

Still, nothing on the radar, though.

So we started the session over on the bay side. Clouds were actually super helpful, and I was loving how the photos were turning out! Victoria and Logan were absolute naturals! They were up for anything I threw their way, even standing in a flower bed with the homeowners sitting right by them watching the entire time! A little awkward, but so worth it!

Trust me, you’ll see!

It was time for their outfit change, so I headed off to the beach to get some ring shots in the meantime. As I came over the mound onto the beach, in either direction, I could only see about five houses either way. An INSANE amount of fog had set in! I mean it was thick! And it was getting closer! By the time they made it to me, we were down to only seeing four houses either way!

So, we got straight to work for the rest of their foggy engagement session in Bay Head, NJ.

I truly couldn’t have asked for a better couple to experience this session with! They embraced the wind and mist. Were all about getting in the ocean for some photos. Just had a blast together the entire time! We even did a champagne pop that soaked them because of the strong wind! But you know what? The photos turned out amazing!

The beach looks like a totally different place.

Fog is surrounding them in every direction which makes the two of them pop out in each photo! Their love is truly on display! Constant laughter. Embracing the adventure. Victoria and Logan, you two are the best! I started to get so nervous when you saw the fog that it would just be such a downer for your session. But when I saw you two get more excited, I was so pumped!

This is why I love all of my HMP Couples!

Always ready for an adventure. Never letting something small ruin a moment. Up for anything. Always with a smile on their faces! It truly brings so much happiness to me! I would easily do this session over and over with you two! It will definitely be one for the books! By the end, we could barely see two houses in either direction, and the mist was blowing sideways! But in the photos, all you see is the strong, unique relationship that Victoria and Logan share! Scroll to see some of my absolute favorites, and take notice of the fog getting denser and denser as you continue down!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

couple hugs and rests hands on each other's hips as they smile on overcast evening near the bay guy hugs girl from behind as they both smile looking at the camera next to tall bay grasses in new jersey couple kissing with arms wrapped around each other along tall grasses by the bay in new jersey girl looks up at guy as they smile at each other and she hugs his left arm in bayhead new jersey close up photo of girl wrapping her hands around guy's forearm showing off her diamond engagement ring guy's back toward camera as he rests his face against girls head and she smiles and looks down in new jersey couple tightly hugs as she smiles and looks at camera on overcast evening along the bay on east coast couple holding hands and smiling at each other while walking along tall grasses in bayhead new jersey girl smiling at camera as she hugs guy from behind as he looks out over the bay on overcast evening girl hugs guy from behind and looks up at him happily as he gazes at her next to lush plants in new jersey guy twirls girl under his left arm as she flares her flowy dress along plants by the bay engaged couple kissing and hugging tightly next to large pink hydrangea bush in bayhead new jersey guy wearing light blue dress shirt kissing girl in strappy floral dress in bayhead new jersey diamond engagement ring tucked into the pink petals of a new jersey hydrangea bush during engagement session couple smiling at each other in front of beach home and beautiful pink hydrangea bushes on east coast couple holding hands as guy looks down at girl along sidewalk by cute cedar shingle beach home girl hugging guy and smiling as his back is toward camera and he looks at ocean in new jersey girl holding hands with guy leading him as they smile at each other along the east coast couple kissing with backs toward camera with their footprints left in the same next to ocean couple hugging tightly kissing along shoreline on foggy evening in bayhead new jersey couple kissing while holding bottle of champagne along the beach on foggy evening bride-to-be pouring champagne into two glasses along ocean in bayhead new jersey guy in jeans and white t-shirt stands in ocean holding and kissing girl in floral dress girl smiling looking up at guy as he smiles and looks at the camera with ocean behind them in new jersey couple snuggles and walks along the shoreline on foggy summer evening at the beach standing along the ocean guy holds girl and dips her back kissing her in bayhead new jersey



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