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Summer Fonthill Castle Engagement Session

Jul 2, 2021

Summer Fonthill Castle Engagement Session

Patient. Kind. Humorous. Adventurous.

Once a couple books with me, I always send over a fun questionnaire to get to know the two of them. It has questions like favorite hobbies, jobs, unique things about you, etc., but one of my favorite questions is what three things do you love most about your soon-to-be spouse. It just lets me get to know them before we even meet in person. Sometimes, the two answer completely different, but sometimes they are almost identical.

That is exact what happened for Jen and Diego.

The four words written above are what each of them said about the other. I just love how my couples always sync up so well together! Honestly, even just after our summer Fonthill Castle engagement session together, I even feel like I would have used those exact adjectives to describe these two!
Diego was constantly putting his arm around Jen to just let her know he was there. Or holding her hand as they walked up steps or on uneven ground. Just constantly caring for her and being there any way he could to help. As far as humor, he definitely kills it when it comes to that. The laughter was constant the entire session!

Never a dull moment with these two.

Just as easily as Diego gave the jokes, Jen was instantly cracking up. Everything he said, you could tell she just embraced it and fully listened to him. She was always present with everything he did. Acknowledging his kindness and patience with every minute that passed. It was so special to just watch their relationship grow stronger each moment that passed.

However, there was one thing I’d like to add to this list of characteristics!

Glistening 🙂 Even in a 105 degree heat index during their session, these two still looked incredible the entire way through. I swear, I was drenched in sweat from head to toe. Wiping my face with napkins the entire session, so I didn’t look like a puddle. But, Jen and Diego? Barely even looked like it phased them. Sure, there was a small drop that would bead up, but with a quick wipe of the finger, they were good-to-go! No sweat marks that we had to work around or insane hairdos. These two can take incredible photos in any weather condition!

Seriously, they looked stunning the whole time!

Jen and Diego, you guys are amazing! Just like I said at the session, I am so sad how fast the session flew by. It felt like we had just started when we were already changing outfits, and then just like that, it was done! You two made the evening, even in the ungodly heat, so much fun! Thank goodness we only have to wait a few months till we are back together again! I can’t wait to see your North Jersey Country Club wedding come together in October! I will be counting down the days until you are back in front of my camera. Hopefully with a little less heat! Thank you for making my job so enjoyable and for just laughing through each drop of sweat together! You two are amazing! Enjoy a few of my favorites….. it was soooo hard to decide!!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engaged couple standing by pond smiling at camera in wooded area at fonthill castle near philadelphia close up photo of diamond engagement ring resting on polished stone near philadelphia pennsylvania guy standing behind girl as they both smile at camera next to pond at fonthill castle as sun peaks through trees couple standing along walkway in lawn with girl looking back over left shoulder towards camera couple standing close smiling at camera on left side of photo in beautifully landscaped lawn at fonthill castle guy leading girl up wooden staircase surrounded by trees on summer evening engaged couple close together smiling and almost kissing inside castle archway engaged couple resting foreheads together sitting on steps of fonthill castle in doylestown pennsylvania couple sitting on concrete steps of fonthill castle as guy kisses girl from behind girl leaning back against guy as they both smile and she looks off to her left close up of diamond engagement ring resting inside bright orange lily couple standing by fonthill castle, guy wearing gray polo shirt and dark pants and girl wearing black dress engaged couple stands close holding hands as they both smile and look away from camera guy kisses girl on forehead on right side of photo with trees behind them in doylestown pennsylvania engaged couple stands close smiling by trees in grass lawn on sunny summer evening guy twirls girl in grassy field by row of trees on sunny summer evening in doylestown pennsylvania woman hugs guy tightly from behind as he smiles at camera in sunny grassy field guy dips girl back in grass front lawn of the the gorgeous fonthill castle on sunny evening close up photo of woman displaying engagement ring with her hand wrapped around him in pennsylvania couple hugging tightly with guy wearing white dress shirt and dark pants and girl wearing coral dress engaged couple kissing on path with closeup leaves of tree in the foreground near philadelphia pennsylvania couple walking away from camera with their arms around each other along path in doylestown pennsylvania couple standing close on paved tree-lined path as woman looks back at camera in doylestown pennsylvania



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