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Puppy-Filled Summer Engagement Session

Jun 10, 2021

Puppy Filled Summer Engagement Session.

Joyful. Sweet. Ice Cream Lovers.

Not only are these traits I would describe for myself, but they are also the traits that describe my HMP Couples! It’s one of the main reasons we get along so well and end up close friends even after the wedding day.

Sasha and Anthony were no different!

An end to a perfect date night consists of a bowl of their favorite ice cream. Does that not scream HMP Couple? Even past the love of ice cream, I feel like I could have easily sat down with them for hours and chatted about anything and everything. The love of our pups. Work. Schooling. Wedding planning. The list goes on and on.

Each moment between photos was filled with conversation

And of course, a good amount of laughter. Sasha and Anthony complement each other so perfectly. And the things they love about each other are so special! Anthony loves Sasha’s loving personality. Her support as he works endless hours in his schooling, and the ending snuggles they share together. Similarly, but slightly different, Sasha finds so much love for Anthony’s unending kindness, his worth ethic, and that he is super cuddly!

Are they not perfect for each other?

This love radiated through the entire session. Several moments when I turned away to grab something in my bag or changed a lens, I turned back around to find the two of them just wrapped in each others’ arms. Smiling. Talking. It was so special to just watch their love! Oh, and their love for their pup, Darcy…

Who got to make a perfect surprise appearance during their puppy-filled summer engagement session!

Darcy may not have been all about the camera. But she was surely all about Sasha and Anthony! She couldn’t stop looking up at them during every pose we attempted to do! They were way more important than any whistle, word, or sound I made!

They make the perfect family of three!

I am so excited for you to see your full gallery soon! Your family’s residence was a stunning backdrop for your session! The tall wild grasses, beautiful architecture, and adorable barn were perfect settings to surround you two with! It was a perfect choice, and so meaningful for you! Now the count down begins for your wedding at the gorgeous Peter Allen House. Enjoy some of my absolute favorites below!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

couple in tree lined grass field with their arms wrapped around one another in mechanicsburg, pennsylvania couple hugging tightly and smiling with guy on the left and girl on the right in grass field couple side hugging as they look down at their puppy in grass field in mechanicsburg, pennsylvania couple holding hands and walking their dog towards camera in grass tree-lined field on sunny day guy hugging and kissing girl at edge of grassy field at private residence in mechanicsburg, pennsylvania couple on paved tree-lined path holding hands as girl twists away from guy as they look at each other couple standing close smiling holding hands up by chests and girl wears floral top and guy wears green polo shirt couple rests foreheads together while holding hands and looking down on tree-lined pathway girl facing away from guy dips back and rests her head on his shoulder along shady pathway beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring displayed on stone wall at private residence couple kissing while standing behind their puppy holding his blue leash on pathway in central pennsylvania guy twirls girl under his left arm outside beautiful red brick barn and silo couple sitting close on beautiful red brick farmhouse front porch at private residence in central pennsylvania blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring resting on knotted rope in bright light guy wearing light button-up shirt and dark blue pants dips back and kisses girl in floral dress by red barn couple almost kissing outside red barn door at private farmhouse residence couple hugging tightly and girl tipped back slightly by white silo and red barn in mechanicsburg, pennsylvania couple walking towards camera holding hands smiling and looking at each other by red barn couple standing close resting foreheads together holding arms by large red barn door in mechanicsburg, pennsylvania guy resting forehead against girl's right forehead as she smiles big in central pennsylvania girl hugging guy from behind as they both smile next to historic stone and brick barn in central pennsylvania couple holds hands walking away from camera along paved driveway next to brick and stone barn girl hugging guy from behind as they both smile next to historic stone and brick barn in central pennsylvania couple walks away from camera with arms wrapped around each other's lower back along landscaped paved driveway



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