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Colorful Conestoga House and Gardens Engagement Session

Jul 22, 2021

Colorful Conestoga House and Gardens Engagement Session

When you think of Italy, you think romance, love, and of course, pasta!

I know, you are probably thinking, why am I talking about Italy to start a blog post about a Colorful Conestoga House and Gardens Engagement Session. It’s simple! This country embodies the two amazing people I got to photograph at this session.

Meet Marissa and Joe!

These two are a fun-loving, romantic couple that just loves the atmosphere that is linked to Italy. From the delicious food to the air of romance, it perfectly describes them. So much so, that they will be getting married next year at the stunning Folino Estate. A gorgeous Italian-inspired vineyard!

But all through their relationship, glimpses of this love have shown through!

Their first date ended with a long conversation while they shared a pizza together. The perfect way to get to know someone, if you ask me! They even traveled to Rome together to explore the place that they loved! Good food, great wine, long walks to see stunning locations. What more could you ask for!

It’s easily both of their favorite dates!

But even past the food and wine, Marissa and Joe’s personalities complement this place so well! Throughout the entire session, Joe constantly had a positive attitude and was up to try anything. As long as Marissa was by his side or wrapped in his arms, he would give it a shot. The romance and love between these two is contagious. Each smile back and forth made your heart just leap! It is so special to see the romance between each of my couples.

So unique. So special!

Marissa and Joe started out the session a little nervous. As do most of my couples. But I could tell as the minutes ticked on they started to relax and just be themselves. You could see each of them calm each other down. Just being in each other’s presence was enough to let them enjoy this new experience together! And can I just add, they nailed the session! These photos are absolutely stunning, and they are only my favorites!! Joe knew exactly what to say or whisper in Marissa’s ear to have the biggest smile stretch across her face. Sometimes I didn’t even know he said something, and she would bust out laughing with him. They seriously made my job sooooo easy! Their love is one-of-a-kind, and having the honor to document it is something I will never take for granted! It is truly an honor!

Bring on October 2022, so I can get these two back in front of my camera!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

guy standing behind girl as they hold hands and look at each other next to stream and willow tree at conestoga house and gardens couple hugging and standing beside willow tree with stream running beside and behind them on sunny summer evening couple hugging and almost kissing under willow tree beside stream with sun shining behind them in lancaster pennsylvania couple standing close smiling with girl in light pink dress and guy in white dress shirt and khaki pants guy kissing girl as she smiles at camera and rests her right hand on his chest next to small stream under willow tree in lancaster pennsylvania close-up photo of couple from their shoulders down to the grass on sunny evening couple holding hands and kissing along small stream under willow tree on sunny evening at conestoga house and gardens couple standing close with arms wrapped around each other under willow tree in grassy lawn on summer evening guy kissing girl's right temple as she smiles and looks away under willow tree at conestoga house and gardens guy hugging girl from behind as she looks down and standing under large willow tree and sun shining in lancaster pennsylvania couple on right side of photo kissing under enormous willow tree in lancaster pennsylvania close-up photo of couple resting foreheads together smiling with their hands folded between them on sunny summer evening guy leading girl and holding her left hand in manicured lawn near large tree at conestoga house and gardens beautiful diamond engagement ring displayed on pink flowering branch with green background guy twirling girl under his right arm by wall of archways at conestoga house and gardens girl standing behind guy and resting her head against his right shoulder along pathway with blooming pink flower bushes beside them couple hugging and resting foreheads together with a close-up photo of diamond engagement ring resting on guy's right shoulder in lancaster pennsylvania couple sitting on stone steps in front of dark green door smiling on sunny summer evening guy standing behind girl as she looks down smiling inside white room with checkered floors and houseplants in lancaster pennsylvania couple kissing with backs toward camera along brick pathway of beautiful home at conestoga house and gardens


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  2. […] Colorful Conestoga House and Gardens Engagement Session […]

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