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Fun Lancaster County Park Senior Session

Aug 11, 2021

Fun Lancaster County Park Senior Session

I absolutely love finding out how someone found out about me! It is so crazy how word of mouth travels and comes up in conversation. For this fun Lancaster County Park Senior Session, it was actually her parents that were the connection.

The avenues of referrals are endless!

Let me give a quick back story. My husband, Joel, and I both went to the same high school, Conestoga Valley High School. There, I had a Science teach named Mr. Hovan. While Joel had a math teach one of the years named Mrs. Hovan. As you can probably put together, they were husband and wife teaching at the same school. After we graduated, like most students, we didn’t stay close with too many of our teachers. However, Joel and I ALWAYS say we would go back to high school years in a heartbeat!

We just loved those years!

Well even though we didn’t stay in touch, Joel and I were both Facebook friends with several different teachers that made an impact on us, and the Hovans were one of them! I wasn’t expecting it at all when a Facebook Message came through from Mrs. Hovan about their daughter needing senior photos! First off, I instantly felt super old because I remember pictures of her in their classrooms at a much younger age!

Time seriously flies by!

But I was instantly so excited that they reached out and had been following along on my journey! Plus, I couldn’t wait to meet their daughter because I knew she had to be amazing with parents like she had. And guess what? She was!!! Audrey is the sweetest person with the best laugh!

Seriously, the best session!

I just have to learn to get over the fact that she goes to Warwick, instead of Conestoga Valley Senior. It’s gonna be tough, but I think I can do it! Just kidding; I can absolutely look past it! Especially since she may be going to the college I went to! Extra bonus points! Audrey’s session was sweet, fun, with a little bit of spunk!

I mean check out the pants that she ended in!

To start, she was a little shy and hesitant, but by the end, she was crushing everything! You could totally see her open up and just have fun with it! That’s when the personality truly shines through! From a cute white summer dress in an open field to wild pants at a tennis court, this session was for the books! She used every moment to the fullest and showed all the sides of who she was! Definite goals for how every senior session should be! Take a look for yourself!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

senior girl in cute sleeveless white summer dress smiling among trees at park senior girl with hands on hips and right leg crossed over left along trees at lancaster county park close up of senior girl with left shoulder toward camera and right hand resting on neck senior girl in white dress with right hand on hip looking over right shoulder smiling at lancaster county park senior girl along grassy pathway at park on summer evening by row of trees senior girl looking over left should and looking off in the distance with left hand touching left shoulder at lancaster county park senior girl in black one strap tank top and army green skirt smiling at camera senior girl smiling with left hand on hip by tall grasses at park in lancaster, pennsylvania senior girl smiling at camera by wildflowers with sun shining through evergreen trees behind her close up of senior girl smiling with wildflowers and sun shining behind her at lancaster county park senior girl in loose white button up shirt and blue jeans smiling by tall grasses close up of senior girl next to tall grasses with right hand holding left elbow on sunny evening in lancaster, pennsylvania senior girl using right hand to tuck hair behind her ear as she smiles and looks over left shoulder at lancaster county park senior girl sitting in grass next to tall wild grasses on sunny summer evening in lancaster county park senior girl using left hand to keep her long brown hair out of her face as she smiles at camera under tree at lancaster county park senior girl in black midi tank top and printed pants crouching down on blue tennis court at lancaster county park senior girl with right hand tucked into pants pocket smiling standing on tennis court on sunny evening senior girl leaning at tennis court net with right elbow on bent right knee at lancaster county park senior girl leaning against chain link fence of tennis courts with right hand across stomach at lancaster county park senior girl sitting on blue tennis court with right knee bent and left arm holding her up at lancaster county park senior girl standing against tennis court chain link fence on sunny evening at lancaster county park



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