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Sunset Pinnacle Overlook Engagement Session

Aug 25, 2021

Sunset Pinnacle Overlook Engagement Session

Sometimes rain brings beautiful things! For Morgan and Sam’s Sunset Pinnacle Overlook engagement session the rain did just that!
Their session started out on the gloomier side. Big clouds rolling in. To most people this would seem like a bummer for a photo session, but honestly, photographers love it!

It just opens up so much creativity.

So at this point, I was pretty happy with the variety these two were going to have in their session. We were about thirty minutes in, and I knew Morgan’s second outfit was going to be a dress. So I wanted to get her into that ASAP!

I knew it was going to be stunning.

So I sent them off to the car to change while I did ring shots. Just as I finished up, a rain drop hit me on the arm. And then another. And another. My heart instantly sunk! We had not taken any photos in their second outfits, and we were barely halfway through!

A slight panic filled the back of my mind.

The two of them headed back towards me with what seemed like no worry about the weather. They were actually happy for the rain because it was cooling the temperature off a bit. I was so relieved to know they were totally up for whatever came their way! They are absolutely my type of couple! So with a slight drizzle around us, we started up the second half of the session. Not even five minutes later, you’ll never guess what happened! The sun broke through the bottom of the clouds, and it was one of the brightest sunsets I have ever photographed!

I couldn’t believe my eyes!

The two of them were twirling, on the edge of an overlook, with bright rays of sun shining behind them! That moment will stay in my memory bank forever. It was stunning! What went from clouds and rain turned into sunshine and glow!

The rest of their session was vibrant, colorful, and so much fun!

Morgan and Sam know exactly how to make each other laugh. They were constantly goofing with each other and keeping the mood so lighthearted! They had never done professional photos before so were a bit nervous, but just letting them laugh and be themselves was all they needed to absolutely rock their session! It was so fun to just seem the two of them be together!

It reminds me so much of Joel and I!

Happy making jokes with each other. Trying new things. Smiling the whole way through! Morgan and Sam’s session was one to remember. If their Brick Gables wedding is anything like their Sunset Pinnacle Overlook engagement session, you all better hold on to your seats! I don’t know if we will be able to handle how incredible it will be! May 2022 can’t come soon enough!! Hopefully these stunning photos will hold you two over until then!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engaged couple hugging as they smile at each other standing on large rock by trees at pinnacle overlook engaged couple standing close and almost kissing on large rock by trees on sunny summer evening in pennsylvania woman smiling at her man as he smiles at the camera and she hugs his right arm at pinnacle overlook closeup photo of girl smiling at camera with her arms wrapped around guy's right arm and he looks and smiles at her in holtwood pennsylvania guy hugging girl from behind as she smiles at camera by trees at pinnacle overlook in lancaster pennsylvania couple standing close with girl wearing floral shirt and jeans and guy wearing gray shirt and jeans standing on large rock engaged couple with their backs toward camera as guy leans in and kisses girl on her left cheek and she smiles at pinnacle overlook engaged couple hugging holding hands as they both smile at camera atop large rock with trees behind them at pinnacle overlook engaged couple holding hands smiling atop large rock overlooking susquehanna river at pinnacle overlook engaged couple on large rock overlooking river with forest of trees behind them on bright summer evening guy holding girl's left hand and leading her along large rock at pinnacle overlook on bright summer evening in lancaster pennsylvania engaged couple sitting on large rock as guy snuggles against girl at pinnacle overlook engaged couple sitting closely on large rock kissing atop pinnacle overlook with susquehanna river behind them closeup photo of beautiful diamond engagement ring resting on wooden log on bright summer evening guy twirling girl under his right arm atop pinnacle overlook on bright sunny summer evening in lancaster pennsylvania engaged couple hugging atop pinnacle overlook with girl in long light blue dress and guy wearing white patterned dress shirt and khaki pants engaged couple kissing atop pinnacle overlook on sunny summer evening with susquehanna river below them guy leaning back against tree on sunny evening as girl leans in and kisses him at pinnacle overlook girl hugs guy from behind as they stand among green bushes and trees at pinnacle overlook in holtwood pennsylvania girl hugs guy from behind as they both look off into the distance at the sun smiling in lancaster pennsylvania engaged couple standing close and smiling with the bright sun shining on them surrounded by lush greenery guy lifting girl off the ground as they kiss atop pinnacle overlook in lancaster pennsylvania


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