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Vibrant Ellicott City Indian Wedding

Aug 26, 2021

Vibrant Ellicott City Indian Wedding

I haven’t seen so much color like I did at Supriya and Jake’s vibrant Ellicott City Indian wedding. Everywhere you looked, guests had vibrant, colorful, and bright outfits on. It was quite the view!

I think I may need more Indian weddings in my life!

Not only were the outfits stunning, but the dances they prefer are so beautiful! The way they move their arms and legs to create different shapes is such a performance in and of itself. Then add on the beautiful music and clapping, and you never want it to stop.

It is a memorable experience!

Besides that, Supriya and Jake’s day was amazing. Sadly, due to COVID, their initial wedding plans were scratched, and then the  two of them got married at a courthouse in California! A special day for the two of them, shared virtually with the ones they love! So this big celebration was so important to not just them but to all of their friends and family who weren’t there on the original wedding date!

It may have been a year later, but the celebration was just as big!

Endless amounts of food. Constant chatting and laughter. Fun music to fill the space. And constant memories shared and made. It was so fun to see family get to catch up after so much time apart. It makes me stop and appreciate what an honor I have in this job. I have the privilege to document those moments and capture all the memories from the day.

It truly is an honor!

Supriya and Jake started out the day in their white dress and suit attire. A classic look for their ceremony to express again their love and commitment to one another! And to promise to never let their adventure together end. Then, it was a quick switch into their colorful Indian outfits for the reception entrance! What a stunner it was as they came down the stairs, and their guests saw them for the first time!

I was completely mesmerized as well!

It is just so special to see each of my couples add in the unique characteristics to make their wedding day all about them. Whether is a cultural addition or a furry friend or a favorite place, it tells the story of where they have come from. It highlights who they are as a couple! It makes their wedding unlike any other! For Supriya and Jake, it was the Indian traditions and outfits! It was a perfect blend of both of their backgrounds!

Just wait until you see both of their looks for their vibrant Ellicott City Indian wedding.

So I think to end this post, I’m going to leave you with a question. What are you going to do on your wedding day that will make it unique or bring a special touch to resemble your relationship? I challenge you to do something because when you share the memories with your family and friends, it makes it extra special and a day to remember! Enjoy my favorites on how they made their day unique to them!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

beautiful white wedding gown hanging beside fireplace against light blue wall along with other wedding details wedding invitation surrounded by vibrant orange and blue flowers and wedding rings and perfume bottle vibrant bridal bouquet filled with flowers in blue, white, orange, and red wrapped in silk ribbon light blue high heel strappy shoes for the bride next to bridal bouquet in ellicott city maryland beautiful pink traditional indian wedding dress hanging against sheer white curtain on sunny summer day light green traditional indian outfit for the groom hanging on fireplace with necklace and shoes beside window in ellicott city maryland bride-to-be in white sleeveless wedding gown standing with her mom as she helps to put on her earring beautiful bride spritzing perfume onto her wrist as she wears her wedding gown before her wedding in ellicott city maryland bride and groom share a first look moment along pathway on sunny summer day bride in white gown hugging groom in navy blue suit with pink bow tie along stone pathway in ellicott city maryland close up photo of bride's bouquet as bride and groom hug with vibrant blue and orange colors in maryland groom hugging bride from behind as she turns and looks back at him smiling in ellicott city maryland bride and groom stand close as he rests his forehead against her head and they smile outside venue groom holds bride's left hand leading her down pathway along building on sunny day in maryland bride and groom stand close and smile along pathway by pretty pink blooming bush on sunny day close up of groom looking back and smiling at his bride as she smiles at the camera in ellicott city maryland groom wearing navy blue suit with pink bow tie and brown belt poses along pathway before wedding ceremony bride in white wedding gown standing along pathway holding vibrant bouquet looking over right shoulder in ellicott city maryland bride with her vibrant floral bouquet on sunny summer day along stone pathway bride and groom walking through doorway towards their guests smiling with their arms linked bride and groom facing each other holding hands by beautiful modern floral circular archway as they share wedding vows in ellicott city maryland bride and groom holding hands looking at each other during outdoor wedding ceremony on sunny summer day bride and groom share their first kiss by modern floral archway in ellicott city maryland at outdoor venue three tier wedding cake displaying photographs on top tier at lovely wedding reception bride and groom share traditional indian wedding dance moment in room in beautiful clothing traditional indian wedding dance with groom in light green outfit and bride in dark pink dress in ellicott city marylandbride and groom hug standing on large rocks by pond in traditional wedding apparel on sunny summer day bride and groom hold hands as bride looks over her left shoulder as they stand on large rocks by pond in maryland bride and groom standing close almost kissing with their hands on each other's faces close up photo of bride wrapping her arms around groom's right arm as they wear traditional indian wedding clothing in maryland bride hugging her groom from behind as she smiles at camera and they stand on large rocks by beautiful pond groom leading his bride off of large rocks by pond as they wear their traditional indian wedding outfits in ellicott city maryland bride and groom stand close almost kissing among bushes and trees beside pond in maryland bride wrapping her arm around groom's left arm as they gaze out over beautiful pond on sunny evening in ellicott city maryland bride and groom walking hand-in-hand as they smile at each other in traditional indian wedding clothes groom dips his bride back beside pond in maryland as they both wear tradition indian wedding clothes smiling bride and groom walking towards camera holding hands on sunny evening on the east coast groom and bride on right side of photo hugging and kissing beside green bushes and trees in ellicott city maryland


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Indian Wedding Dress | Kala Niketan

Groom’s Attire | Indochino

Florist | Chantilly Design and Events

Hair Stylist | Signature Hair Design

Makeup Artist | Signature Hair Design

Caterer | Zeffert and Gold Catering



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    Thank you Heather for giving us memories to cherish for years to come. Love all the pics!

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