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Beautiful Vineyards at Hershey Engagement Session

Sep 9, 2021

Beautiful Vineyards at Hershey Engagement Session

When rain comes, sunshine is surely to follow! Prepare yourselves for this beautiful Vineyards at Hershey engagement session!
As it seems to be a theme for me this year, rain yet again made a presence on a night I was supposed to have an engagement session. To be fair, it made a presence the entire day! On and off, rain storms rolled through Lancaster, so deciding if we could make the session work was a constantly changing decision. One minute it would be yes, the next it would be no.

Talk about indecisive.

Hunter and Evan lived about two hours away, so they were slightly relying on me to tell them the real situation, since they could only look at a map with colors crawling across is! No pressure! I know how much they were hoping to make it work, because they were both teachers and having to drive on a school night would definitely make it a bit tiring the next morning. In addition, their wedding was this coming May, so they were hoping to get their “save the dates” out as soon as possible!

My mind went back and forth on my decision probably 100 times.

I know how badly they wanted to do the session that day, and I totally understood, but at the same time, I knew they deserved the best experience. Which meant a better day weather-wise. I hopped on the radar one more time and noticed that the following day was going to be all sun! I thought I had to at least give them that option, since that day, I could pretty confidently believe we would have great weather, compared to the day of the shoot where we definitely would have clouds.

Possibly even rain!

The anticipation waiting for their response felt so long. Even though I think it was barely 1 minute. After chatting it over, they decided to wait till the following day, so they could have sun! Oh my gosh, I think I literally jumped for joy! I just knew how much better the images would be with the sun light shining through! Let me tell you, it was even better than I could have imagined!

We did their engagement session at the beautiful Vineyards at Hershey.

Walking through the vines just screams romance. Plus, these two together just adds a little extra love in the air. I can’t stop looking through their images again and again. It’s almost like a romance novel. Holding hands. Smiling at each other. Sneaking a kiss among the vineyard!

Yes, please!

Plus, ending the session at the beautiful lake at the vineyard was icing on the cake! The sunset couldn’t have been any better as well! It beautifully lit up the trees around them with a soft orange glow. I am truly so so happy they decided to switch the day!

It was the perfect pop to their adorable outfits!

Other than their session going AMAZING, I am excited about one other thing. They will be at one of my #hmpcouples weddings next year! So I get to see them again. Even better yet, Hunter will be one of the bridesmaids, and Evan will be the officiant! That means more photos of these two; this time with some of their closest friends. It is one of my favorite things when I get to see other couples I have photographed at another wedding!

It’s a perfect reunion, and I get so excited every time!

Hunter and Evan, I am so excited to see you in June 2022. I hope your intimate wedding is everything you dreamed of and more. It sounds amazing! I can’t believe you’ll be married the next time I see you! In the meantime, I hope you truly enjoy these sneak peeks and a few more Sheetz runs!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engaged couple hugging tightly and smiling on a sunny evening along row of vineyard vines in pennsylvania guy hugging girl from behind and looking at her as she smiles at camera on sunny evening at the vineyards at hershey girl wearing cute white lacy dress hugging guy's right arm who's wearing gray polo shirt and light blue pants by vineyards engaged couple holding hands and kissing along row of grape vines at the vineyards at hershey in pennsylvania engaged couple walking along vineyard and almost kissing on sunny summer evening engaged couple almost kissing as girl wraps her left arm around guy's neck at the vineyards at hershey closeup photo of girl smiling as her guy kisses her on the left cheek on bright sunny evening at vineyards at hershey beautiful oval diamond engagement ring with small diamonds all along the silver band nestled among the intricate green grape vine engaged couple smiling and almost kissing as she slightly leans back holding his shirt beside vineyards in hershey pennsylvania girl wearing white floral long sleeveless dress and guy wearing dark gray blue dress shirt and khaki pants standing among vineyard row oval diamond engagement ring resting on green heart-shaped leaf on bright summer evening at the beautiful vineyards at hershey engaged couple with their backs toward camera kissing with vineyards and large white building in the background in hershey pennsylvania guy twirling girl under his left arm as she flares out her long dress by vineyard row at the vineyards at hershey in pennsylvania closeup photo of guy behind girl as she looks up and back at him smiling on sunny night at the vineyards at hershey with building in the background engaged couple hugging tightly as girl leans back on her left foot with pond and wild grasses behind them in hershey pennsylvania engaged couple smiling as guy rests forehead against girl's right temple and she's looking at camera with pond behind them guy's back to camera and girl facing camera with his arm around her waist and their both looking off into the distance with pond and wild grasses and sun setting in hershey pennsylvania girl standing behind guy with her left hand on his left arm and she's looking up at him smiling guy holding girl's left hand and leading her along the water's edge as they both look back at sunset at the vineyards at hershey engaged couple sitting in the grass with girl leaning back against guy and pond behind them at vineyards at hershey on sunny evening closeup of couple sitting on lawn with guy kissing her right ear and girl's right arm around his neck at vineyards at hershey


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