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Cloudy Hibernia Park Engagement Session

Sep 8, 2021

Cloudy Hibernia Park Engagement Session

I’m not sure if you heard or saw, but Pennsylvania got hit pretty hard by hurricane Ida this past week. Typically, we just get rain for a few hours, but nothing too serious when one makes it’s way up the East Coast.

Well, Ida tested us pretty good in the Lancaster area.

We ended up with over 4-8 inches of rain due to non-stop rain all day. This led to never before seen flooding in some areas, and closed down many roads! We also had on-and-off high winds that led to fallen trees and debris all over. It was quite an experience that I think a lot of us weren’t ready for. I know I wasn’t! I knew a storm was coming, but I didn’t think too much of it because typically they fizzle out. My main focus was on the sessions I had that week!

Nothing like squeezing in an engagement session right before a hurricane is supposed to come through!

Like I mentioned above, it literally rained all day! I believe it started a little after 1am on Wednesday morning. Meredith and Chris had their cloudy Hibernia Park engagement session the night before. Ending around 8:00pm. Only giving us a few hours of cushion between the two! I assume you can figure out why it may have been a bit cloudy for the session. We honestly even had a slight drizzle during outfit changes. But nothing major. For Meredith and Chris though, you couldn’t have guessed at all that it worried them!

They were having the best time from the moment it began till the end!

Chris started off the session warning me that he was really only doing this for Meredith. He really wasn’t too excited to be there. In my mind I thought, challenge accepted! I love when the guys come not interested for what’s about to happen, and then it’s as if they blossom part way through like a beautiful butterfly!

This is exactly what happened with Chris!

I could see after the first fifteen minutes he was joking more, and the tension in his shoulders started to ease up. It was just do what I said and then stand quietly; then he started to really engage. About halfway through, we even got some shots of just him striking a pose! I mean what a difference! By the end he was strutting his stuff and having the best time! It’s my favorite thing to watch! Typically, my brides are so excited for these photos, so to see the groom finally loosen up and just enjoy the session as well, it makes my heart so happy!

That is when I can truly show off their relationship!

Chris was truly a natural, and Meredith? She looked so comfortable in front of the camera. I don’t think a smile ever left her face! Chris was constantly making her laugh, giving her hugs, and just goofing off with her. It made the session so much fun that I was so sad when it started to get dark! I seriously pushed it till the last minute we possibly could because I just didn’t want it to end! Hibernia Park makes it difficult to ever want to leave, too! The combination of the wild grass fields, the brick houses, and the beautiful dock, paired with their spot-on outfits, who would want to leave?

Definitely not me!

Thank goodness this was only the engagement session because now I know I don’t have to wait too too long before they are back in front of my camera again. Hamming it up, of course! Meredith and Chris, I can’t wait for your wedding day at Elizabeth Furnace! I know it is going to be stunning! Especially because we will have sand and pizza for your photos this time 😉 You bring your part of the deal, and I’ll bring mine! See you in June 2022!!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engaged couple hugging tightly in grass pathway in between tall wild grasses on cloudy evening in the summertime guy wearing gray t-shirt and jeans hugging girl from behind wearing light pink shirt with jeans at hibernia park girl wrapping her arms around guy's right arm as they smile at camera and stand beside tall wild grasses on cloudy evening engaged couple standing close looking at each other smiling beside tall wild grasses on cloudy day at hibernia park in coatesville pennsylvania girl resting her left cheek on guy's right shoulder as she smiles and looks at camera and he looks down at her smiling engaged couple walking holding hands and looking at each other smiling by tall grasses at hibernia park girl standing behind guy as he looks back at her and they hold hands by tall wild grasses on cloudy summer evening girl hugging guy from behind as they hold hands and look at camera with tall grasses in distance at hibernia park engaged couple smiling and hugging with arms on each other's hips by tall wild grasses at park in coatesville pennsylvania engaged couple hugging tightly as girl smiles at camera and guy rests his face against her on overcast day guy standing behind girl with his arms wrapped around her shoulders and her hands are resting on his in wild grass field at hibernia county park beautiful round diamond engagement ring surrounded by lots of tiny diamonds resting on white background guy twirling girl under his right arm atop cement stairs of yellow brick house at hibernia park in pennsylvania engaged couple hugging tightly on front porch of historical yellow brick house on overcast summer evening girl wearing light pink flowy dress leaning against guy wearing dark blue dress shirt and khaki shorts resting her left hand on his chest at hibernia park engaged couple holding hands and looking at each other smiling standing in white doorway of historic home at hibernia county park engaged couple standing close smiling against white double doors and white columns at hibernia county park couple seated on concrete steps with guy behind girl resting his head against her right temple on overcast summer evening engaged couple sitting on concrete steps of yellow brick house smiling and looking at each other at hibernia county park engaged couple standing close with hands joined at end of wooden dock overlooking lake on cloudy day engaged couple almost kissing at edge of dock overlooking lake on cloudy day at hibernia county park girl standing behind guy with her arms around him at end of dock with lake and trees behind them in pennsylvania engaged couple holding hands walking on dock towards camera by lake in chester county pennsylvania couple kissing with their backs toward camera and his left arm around her on dock by lake at hibernia park


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