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Romantic Summer Antrim 1844 Wedding

Sep 2, 2021

Romantic Summer Antrim 1844 Wedding

The location was set. Rows of white ceremony chairs were set out across the freshly cut grass in front of the beautiful white arbor. Each of its corners beautifully decorated with florals by the talented Ann’s Garden. The beginning of the aisle was marked with two stunning floral arrangements.

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful setting for this romantic summer Antrim 1844 wedding.

As the guests slowly trickled in to their seats, the lovely sounds of a harp played in the background. The sun slowly began to peak through the clouds that had been around all morning. Christian anxiously waiting for his cue at the top of the deck to begin the ceremony. The music transitioned, and it was time to begin. Slowly, one after the other, groomsmen and Christian made their way down the path along the edge of the garden where all the guests were waiting. His hands intricately turning within each other.

The nerves were building up within him. In the best way possible.

As the guys settled in for what was about to be an incredible moment, the music shifted once more. Now it was the girls’ turn to make their way through the garden to the aisle. One-by-one, they came down the center of the garden, gracefully making their way around the fountain in the center. Each with the biggest smile on their faces. So excited for Christian to see his gorgeous soon-to-be wife. Each time one would pass him, the anticipation would build.

Then, it was finally the moment.

The officiant asked everyone to rise, and off in the distance, you could see Michaela, arm and arm, with her dad, begin to make her way off the deck. Smiles instantly lit up on all the guests’ faces. This was truly a picture-perfect moment. As she began to make her walk through the garden, Christian began to sway back and forth. This moment that they have talked about for so long was finally happening. She was walking towards him to officially become his wife.

Could you ask for any more beautiful of a moment?

Antrim 1844 rose behind Michaela, and as she rounded the fountain, so did that fountain rise, plus the rest of the garden. It was a beautiful sight to see, but Michaela easily drew all the eyes right to her. She was in the most beautiful Maggie Sottero wedding gown! With a simple yet stunning veil flowing from her hair. As she passed each row, the guests turned to get a glimpse of the gorgeous gown from the back and to see Christian’s reaction.

The biggest smile you could ever imagine!

It was finally time to say I Do. Michaela and Christian, seriously, being a part of that moment will always stay close to my heart. The connection between you two, and the love surrounding you from all your guests was such a beautiful experience! You two looked absolutely stunning, but the words and promises you said to each other topped it all! I know you two are going to have the absolute best marriage, and I’m just so honored to have been there on the day it officially began! You two are the sweetest, and I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to capture every moment of the day! I seriously can’t wait for you to relive it all over and over again through your images! Here is a highlight of the most romantic summer Antrim 1844 wedding.

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

beautiful long maggie sottero wedding gown displayed on front porch hanging from fan on sunny day wedding rings inside white box nestled between christian louboutin bridal shoes with rhinestones in maryland bridesmaid in maroon gown buttoning up the back of bride's gown as she looks over left shoulder and smiles back at her closeup photo of bridal bouquet beside christian louboutin bridal shoes in maryland christian louboutin bridal shoes with rhinestones displayed with white roses and wedding rings in white box diamond earrings displayed inside light pink rose for wedding at Antrim 1844 in maryland first look moment between bride and her father along light colored brick wall and white fence on bright day groom's shoes, navy blue tie, cologne, cuff links and watch displayed on off-white wooden floor boards at Antrim 1844 groom's black patent leather shoes with navy blue tie displayed over them for wedding at Antrim 1844 historic Antrim 1844 wedding venue's white home with black shutters and beautiful flower gardens with fountain closeup photo of bride holding bouquet filled with ivory, light pink, and maroon roses and greenery at Antrim 1844 bride posing with her train displayed on ground as she holds beautiful bridal bouquet on summer day closeup photo of bride gently holding the edge of her beautiful lacy white veil at Antrim 1844 groom adjusting his navy blue tie wearing navy blue suit and standing with groomsmen groom and five groomsmen wearing navy blue suits with maroon ties walking towards camera outside Antrim 1844 on grass yard groom adjusting his watch on left wrist and standing with his five groomsmen outside historic white home groom and groomsmen looking in opposite directions standing in flower garden in front of historic home at Antrim 1844 groom looking directly at camera smiling and holding edge of suit coat outside white home with black shutters bride with five bridesmaids wearing maroon spaghetti strap gowns standing along brick wall in maryland bride standing in front of her five bridesmaids with her gown's train on display as they all hold bouquets bride smiling at camera as bridesmaids all smile and look at her on sunny day at Antrim 1844 bride standing along brick wall with bridesmaids as they all hold floral bouquets and smile at camera at Antrim 1844 bride and bridesmaids walking towards camera smiling and holding bouquets at Antrim 1844 beautiful flower arrangement on display at outdoor wedding ceremony near flower garden with beautiful water fountains outdoor wedding area with rows of white chairs and beautiful white archway on wedding day at Antrim 1844 in Marylandgroom walking towards outdoor wedding ceremony area with left hand in pocket on sunny summer day beautiful Antrim 1844 property with stunning flower gardens and a fountain on display in Maryland guy walking husky dog "flower girl" down the aisle as outdoor wedding ceremony begins father-of-the-bride walking bride down the aisle on sunny day at outdoor wedding at Antrim 1844 bride and groom exchanging wedding vowels at outdoor wedding ceremony surrounded by white archway and beautiful flowers bride and groom kiss for the first time during outdoor wedding ceremony at Antrim 1844 bride and groom kiss as they walk back the aisle of their outdoor wedding ceremony at Antrim 1844 couple poses with bridal party outside Antrim 1844 venue in Maryland on sunny summer day candid photo of bride and groom laughing together along with their bridal party on sunny day groom and bride holding her gown's train walking along pathway with bridal party following behind them on sunny day at Antrim 1844 bride and groom kiss while surrounded by their bridal party outside Antrim 1844 venue in Maryland bride and groom hug and kiss outside cute white house on sunny summer day groom leans in and snuggles against bride's right cheek as she holds bridal bouquet at Antrim 1844 bride and groom stand close outside historic light brick home at Antrim 1844 venue married couple kisses by front porch of historic home at Antrim 1844 venue in Maryland on sunny day closeup photo of groom kissing bride's left cheek as she smiles and her veil floats over them groom dips bride back as he kisses her left cheek by front porch of home at Antrim 1844 bride and groom almost kissing by front porch with white columns of historic home in maryland indoor reception beautifully decorated with flowers displayed and wooden chairs at tables beautiful wedding cake and cupcakes displayed on wooden table by white wall at Antrim 1844 couple shares their first dance at wedding reception as bridal party watches bride and groom slow dancing at wedding reception with bridal party watching behind them at Antrim 1844 venue in Maryland bride dances with her father and groom dances with his mother during wedding indoor wedding reception bride looks up at her groom as they stand outside historic white home with black shutters at wedding venue along the east coastbride looks of right shoulder as groom looks at her as they stand in flower garden by white home at Antrim 1844 bride and groom stand close together and kiss by flower gardens near white home with black shutters bride smiles as groom kisses her left cheek and she holds beautiful bouquet at historic home at Antrim 1844 closeup photo of groom and bride holding hands on bright and sunny summer day backs of bride and groom toward camera as she looks back and he kisses her right cheek outside white house at Antrim 1844 bride and groom holding hands as they walk along pathway and smile beside manicured lawn groom dips bride back and kisses her on brick walkway in front of historic home at Antrim 1844 in Maryland groom twirls bride under his right arm in lawn outside historic home on summer day bride hugs groom from behind as they stand in manicured lawn by historic home at Antrim 1844 in Maryland bride and groom dancing with guests during indoor reception with greenery hanging from light above them bride and groom kiss as they hold the plate with their piece of wedding cake at Antrim 1844 groom and wedding guests dancing and having fun during reception on wooden dance floor bride dancing with her grandma during indoor wedding reception at Antrim 1844 in Maryland groom smiling at his bride as they dance and have fun during wedding reception at Antrim 1844 bride and wedding guests dancing and having fun together on wooden dance floor at Antrim 1844 bride and groom leaving their wedding and reception with a sparkler send-off at nighttime at Antrim 1844 in Maryland


The Amazing Vendor Team:

Wedding Dress | Elegant Touch Bridal & Tuxedo

Wedding Dress Designer | Maggie Sottero

Bridesmaid’s Dress | Lulus

Groom’s Attire | The Black Tux

Groomsmen’s Attire | Elegant Touch Bridal & Tuxedo

Florist | Ann’s Garden

DJ | Digital Sounds Baltimore

Harpist | Erin Baker

Bridesmaid’s Hair Stylist | The Spa on West Main

Bride’s Hair Stylist | Down the Aisle in Style

Makeup Artist | Manic Pixie Makeup Artistry

Invitations | Minted

Wedding Planner | Katie Coon at Antrim 1844

Caterer | Antrim 1844

Wedding Cake | Flavor Cupcakery Bakery & Cafe

Venue | Antrim 1844



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