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Beautiful Longwood Gardens Engagement Session

Nov 26, 2021

Beautiful Longwood Gardens Engagement Session

Point blank, Veronica and Marquis stole the show at their beautiful Longwood Gardens engagement session! I am still on cloud nine flipping through these photos we got!

They seriously nailed it!

From the beautiful floral dress that Veronica wore, to the location that they chose, these two knew what they were doing. Their session was at the breathtaking Longwood Gardens. I had not been their in YEARS, so I was so excited when they chose that place for their session. I had been itching to go back from so long!

The reason why is so obvious.

I seriously don’t know a time of year when this place isn’t stunning. We were about 20 minutes into their session and we had barely gone twenty feet. Seriously, everywhere you look is photo worthy! From the last flowers still in bloom, to fall leaves and Christmas lights going up, it is a magical place.

But let me tell you, it is easy to get lost.

The whole session, Veronica, Marquis, and I were cracking up laughing because we only sort of knew where we were going the whole time. Plus, every five steps I would freak out and say, “Oh man, we HAVE to do a photo here.” I set an alarm on my watch for this very reason at ever engagement session. I get so excited with my couples and it one location, that if I don’t set it we might never change or move on!

Longwood gardens is just so beautiful!

At least it kept us all laughing. I actually put blinders around my eyes at one point because we hadn’t made it to the second half of the gardens and we were already half way through the session. I’m telling you, the struggle is real. On top of that, I absolutely loved chatting and getting to know these two. Marquis is absolutely hilarious. Cracking jokes and just so happy.

With the biggest smile I may add.

Paired with Veronica who is just the sweetest person. These two make a perfect duo. I absolutely loved my time with them and was so sad when the sun started going down, and our time came to an end. Trust me, I am so excited for their September 2022 wedding at the Marriott at Penn Square. It is going to be an absolute blast, I can already feel it!

Let the countdown begin.

Marquis and Veronica, thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer. You two are the best! I am so glad I can call you two friends, and I am thrilled to be on this journey with you. Like we joked about at the session, you are stuck with me now ;)! I hope you two love these favorites from your beautiful Longwood Gardens engagement session, as much as I do. It is seriously a lot! A perfect mix of fall and holiday fun! Enjoy!!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engaged couple standing close with arms around each other as woman smiles at camera under beautiful fall tree with yellow leaves couple smiling and looking at each other as woman wraps her arms around guy's left arm at longwood gardens woman holding onto guy's left arm as she wears long black floral dress and guy wears ivory shirt with jeans engaged couple standing by brick home's front porch with guy behind girl on fall day at longwood gardens engaged couple standing on front steps of brick house with dark green shutters on sunny fall day in pennsylvania guy wrapping his arms around girl as they smile and look at each other by front porch of brick house at longwood gardensengaged couple sitting on bench by large white window surrounded with ivy at longwood gardens in kennett square pennsylvania man twirling woman under his left arm as she holds out her long flowy dress with her left hand on fall day by colorful tree engaged couple smiling and almost kissing under archway filled with colorful lights at longwood gardens engaged couple hugging as guy rests his forehead against girl's right temple under colorful archway at longwood gardens engaged couple walking along pathway as woman holds her long dress with her right hand with large brick home behind them in chester county pennsylvania engaged couple kissing as woman holds onto guy's right hand with brick home behind them on fall dayengaged couple hugging and almost kissing on sunny fall day with colorful trees behind them at longwood gardens engaged couple sitting on concrete bench by concrete archway covered in ivy on fall day engaged couple smiling at camera as woman wraps her arms around guy's shoulders with concrete archways and fountains behind them at longwood gardens man almost kissing woman by vine growing up cement wall on sunny fall day with his hands on her face beautiful silver and diamond engagement ring resting in the criss-crossing vine branches by concrete wall at longwood gardens engaged couple hugging and kissing as woman is leaning back slightly by cement archway on sunny fall day in pennsylvania engaged couple wearing pittsburgh steelers jerseys and jeans sitting on concrete bench with woman extending her legs out on bench at longwood gardens guy standing behind girl with his arms wrapped around her as they smile and both are wearing steelers football jerseys engaged couple standing in front of unique and beautiful gazebo at longwood gardens on fall day in pennsylvania


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