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Chilly Historic Poole Forge Engagement Session

Mar 16, 2022

Almost every one of my HMP Couples surprises me in a different way! Whether it is their story of how they met or their love for ice cream or how they found me.

The reasons are endless!

It happened yet again when Casey and Cullen became an HMP couple! These two live in South Carolina currently but are getting married in Pennsylvania and found me as their wedding photographer. That alone blows my mind because there are so many incredible photographers out there, but they found me and chose to work with me!

That alone means the world to me!

However, the part that truly surprises me is that they were willing to drive the whole way up to Pennsylvania this past week just do have their chilly Historic Poole Forge engagement session with me. And they brought their maid of honor along for the fun, so I could meet her! Sign me up! Now I not only got to really know my couple at the engagement session, but on the wedding day, I’ll now already have a close friend in her as well!

Can June 2023 come a little quicker?

Casey and Cullen have the sweetest hearts! The entire session they were so incredibly easy to talk to. The jokes were constant. And the laughter was contagious. I mean, we seriously talked about everything. I felt like they had been elementary school friends that I had finally caught back up with.

It just came so naturally!

As it so many times does with each of my HMP Couples! I am so blessed for everyone who chooses to work with me! Casey and Cullen, that goes for you too! Thank you for finding me! I am SO extremely excited for your day at the beautiful Barn at Silverstone. It is going to be an incredible day! I’ll be sure to get my outfit from Home Goods (haha)!

Cullen, you may never live that one down!

I hope you guys had a great drive back home! Thank you so much for making the trip up to PA and for choosing good old Amish Country and Historic Poole Forge to get your photos taken at! It truly is a beautiful backdrop, but you two stole the show! See for yourself in some of my favorites below!

You two seriously crushed this session!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

guy twirling girl under his right hand as she smiles at the camera at historic poole forge in lancaster pennsylvania
engaged couple hugging with guy wearing blue dress shirt and khaki pants and girl wearing sleeveless white dress
engaged couple loosely hugging as they smile at each other by historic stone building at poole forge
engaged couple standing close as guy rests his face against girl's right cheeks and she smiles directly at camera at historic poole forge
engaged couple standing close with backs toward camera and foreheads touching on brick pathway by stone building at historic poole forge
guy hugging girl from behind with his arms wrapped around her on chilly winter day by historic stone building
guy wrapping girl in his arms as he stands behind her and they both smile at camera at historic poole forge in lancaster pennsylvania
guy standing against wall as girl leans in against him resting her right hand on his chest
engaged couple standing along stone building with their foreheads touching almost kissing at historic poole forge
guy dipping back girl along stone wall of historic stone farmhouse on chilly winter day at historic poole forge
engaged couple kissing with their hands wrapped around one another on chilly overcast winter day
engaged couple holding hands with guy leading girl along stone wall in front of stone farmhouse at historic poole forge
beautiful gold and diamond engagement ring displayed on top of white surface during engagement session
engaged couple hugging with foreheads touching along driveway with stone building behind them at historic poole forge
engaged couple standing along fence with girl looking up at guy with her right hand resting on his chest
engaged couple on bridge kissing with sun setting behind them on chilly winter day at historic poole forge
girl looking up at guy and hugging him from behind as he smiles at the camera on winter day in lancaster pennsylvania
couple standing on bridge as guy lifts girl off the ground and they kiss on chilly winter day
girl standing behind guy and wrapping her arms through his as she hugs him and smiles at camera at historic poole forge
girl smiling at camera with arms wrapped around guy's left arm as he rests his forehead against her left cheek in lancaster pennsylvania
engaged couple standing on bridge kissing as the winter sun sets behind trees in background at historic poole forge

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