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Sunshine Overlook Park Senior Session

May 24, 2022

I always like to ask each of my clients a few questions before I get started with the session. So that I can serve them best! For girl seniors, I always ask if they have “a side” they prefer. If they like their hair all in front, all behind, or just one side in front. Lastly, if they want to do all smiling shots or some that are more model/serious face. The answers are always different!

Which is why I love to let them know I’m thinking about it from the start!

On the last question, for Ella, she instantly said all smiles! That is exactly what I would have guessed her answer to be! It would be my answer, as well, for me! She is just such a bubbly, sweet person that can’t help but smile all of the time! It is contagious!

Something she has always worn proudly from day one!

Ella and I first met back in 2019 when I had her as one of my players on the volleyball team I coached. She was one of my middles, and man, does she have height! I always wished I had her height when I played! Each day, she would come to practice with that smile on and a little giggle in her laugh!

I always knew I could count on her for a pick-me-up!

Even if she couldn’t quite nail down a new skill right away, she always tried it again with a smile on her face! Willing to keep trying till she got it right! And then, once she nailed it, that smile grew to twice the size across her face! It was so fun to watch the determination turn into straight joy!

One of the best things as a coach to see!

It is so obvious that she takes that same attitude into everything she does! It is going to take her far in this next stage of her life! It has been such a joy to have her on my spokesmodel team this year! Same amazing attitude. Constant smile. The cutest outfits! She has truly grown into such a beautiful young woman before my eyes over the past couple of years!

This team is such an honor for me to do for these girls and to witness this year in their lives!

Ella, I hope you know I will always be one of your biggest supporters. Loudest cheerleaders. And the person you can reach out to if you ever need anything. You have been such a bright light in my life, and I am so glad I got to be a part of yours in two different ways over the past couple years! I am so excited for what’s ahead for you!

Big things, I know!

But, before your senior year is officially over! I hope these photos from your sunshine Overlook Park senior session help you remember and hold on tight to all of the memories you have made these past 12 years! It goes by fast, so hold on tight to each moment before it’s on to the next thing! Big congrats to you, girl!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

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