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York Central Senior Overlook Park Session

May 12, 2022

Another one bites the dust… almost!

As I wrapped up this York Central Senior Overlook Park session on Monday, I realized that my time with my senior spokesmodels was coming to an end! June is our last month together, and it is quickly approaching!

I’m still in denial!

So many of them save their senior photos until the Spring, which I absolutely love because I get to see them an extra time, but it also makes the last couple of months bittersweet because I’m so excited to hear about their plans but also don’t want to think about “letting the go.” And for this year, a lot of them are going FAR AWAY!

One of those seniors being the amazing Ashley!

Ashley and I met a few years ago when I coached volleyball. She was on one of the other teams in our club, and I always remember her having such a bright personality and a determination to succeed! It was always fun to watch her! Then, I had the honor of capturing her sister’s senior session last year which was an absolute treat!

Fun-loving and kind daughters runs strong in that family!

So when I received her application last year for the senior spokesmodel team, I couldn’t help myself but be overly excited to have her on it! Now I would get to cheer her on and really get to know her even better! Let me tell you, it hasn’t been a disappointment at all! She truly is a joy to have on the team!

Plus, she came ready for her senior session!

She decided to do it at the same location as her sister’s, and I thought it was such a special touch. Something the two of them could share together. When she pulled out all her outfits, I think my heart skipped a beat. Each one told a little bit more about who she was and what the future held! From dresses to jeans to Baylor attire, she knocked it out of the park!

Bring on all the variety!

I can’t wait to send her the full gallery! I also can’t wait for all the exciting things ahead. Graduation. Heading down south for college. Starting a new chapter in her life. So much to look forward to! Ashley, I know there is so much excitement coming, but make sure you take a moment and take in all that you have right now. Your friendships. Family. Memories. I hope these photos help capture it all! You deserve so much, and I know you will achieve it all! I can’t wait to hear where life takes you! Know I will be cheering you on the entire way!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

senior girl with left shoulder towards camera smiling with sun setting behind her in lancaster county pennsylvania
senior girl walking towards camera with right hand on hip by row of trees at overlook park
senior girl sitting on ground with left knee bent in black t-shirt and jeans at overlook park
senior girl with arms folded and left ankle over right ankle by pine tree row at park in manheim township
senior girl in light pink dress with arms folded in front of her by row of pine trees at overlook park
senior girl with left hand on hip as she looks left at sunset behind willow tree at overlook park
senior girl with left shoulder toward camera and left hand on her chest behind branches of willow tree at overlook park
senior girl sitting in tall grasses at overlook park looking towards the sky in light pink dress in manheim township
senior girl in white dress with bright orange graduation gown overtop with hands on hips in tall grasses in lancaster county
senior girl wearing white dress looking back over left shoulder draped with baylor bears pennant at overlook park
senior girl leaning against white column on front porch wearing baylor university sweatshirt at overlook park

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