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Masonic Village Senior Session

May 26, 2022

Time is constantly moving faster and faster it feels! Each year, you look back and wonder… what happened to April, or May, or August, or October? We try to slow things down, but it just constantly keeps moving.

That is why my job is so incredibly important to me!

It allows me to preserve some of those very important milestones for my couples and seniors! One of those people that I had the pleasure recently to do it for was one of my senior spokesmodels, Maddie! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but she is graduating in just a few days!

I ask myself again, where has the time gone?!

I met Maddie back when she was 14 years old. She, too, was trying out for the volleyball club I was coaching! She stuck out very quickly as someone I knew I wanted on our team! She didn’t make it easy, though! She was sought after by several teams, for very good reason! So I definitely had my money cut out for me to prove that our team would be best for her!

She surely made us work for it!

In the end, she did end up playing on our team. Ever since then, it has been such a joy to watch her evolve on the court and grow up to be a beautiful young lady! Even when she was no longer on our team, I still stayed connected with her. Cheering her on from the stands whenever I could! She helped take her school team to States this year, and win!! What an achievement!

The world better watch out!

With all the she has already done, I know she is going to make a huge impact wherever she goes from here! The sky is the limit! And I’ll always be cheering her on! The friendships I have formed with each of the girls I have coached is so special! A bond has been made with each of them, and watching as they continue to grow has been such an honor!

A true blessing in my life!

Now to have so many of them as my spokesmodels this year; it is definitely bittersweet! I have loved every additional moment with them, but it is so crazy to think how fast the past six years have gone! I still haven’t grasped that fact! Maddie, you are one beautiful, smart, joyful, and determined person! Don’t let anything or anyone stop you! I can’t wait to see what the next four years brings for you! Who knows, I may even show up in the stands to cheer you on again come Fall at Kutztown! Until then, I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from your Masonic Village Senior Session.

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

senior girl with right shoulder toward camera and right knee popped with hand on hip smiling in grassy meadow at masonic village
senior girl wearing black tank top and black and white skirt sitting in grassy meadow looking right with chin on right hand in lancaster pa
senior girl standing with left ankle over right one in middle of road at masonic village with hands on hips
senior girl standing in middle of tree-lined driveway with right shoulder toward camera in lancaster county
senior girl leaning back on steps looking left and smiling big on sunny evening at masonic village
senior girl wearing unzipped blue graduation gown overtop cute white dress with hands on hips at masonic village
senior girl wearing white dress with her blue graduation gown draped over right shoulder in front of masonic village in lancaster county
senior girl leaning against beautiful gray stone wall and right shoulder towards camera in lancaster county pennyslvania
senior girl sitting in manicured lawn with huge building behind her at masonic village in elizabethtown pennsylvania
senior girl sitting along concrete edge of fountain looking over right shoulder at masonic village in lancaster pennsylvania
senior girl sitting at bottom of stone steps with legs extended out and right knee bent at masonic village
senior girl with white tank top and blue jeans standing under arbor with left knee popped at masonic village

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