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Colorful Overlook Park Senior Session

Aug 8, 2022

“I don’t want to crease my shoes!”

In all the years of doing senior sessions, this statement has never been one I had to be aware of. I’ve been asked to pay attention to arm creases, frizz on hair, and bra straps showing, but this was a first for me. It threw me off-guard, in the best way possible.

Nyla absolutely loves her shoes!

It was near the end of session when she pulled out these sneakers to wear. They were colorful, fun, and BRAND NEW. I was obsessed. I started getting her into position, and right as she started to bend down, she instantly stood back up. I thought something had happened with her outfit, but then she said those words. 

We all started dying with laughter!

I totally understood. They were awesome shoes that I wouldn’t want to mess up right away either. She had a great point; it was just how quickly she said it that had us all cracking up. The whole session just felt like I was laughing with a close friend. Nyla and her mom were so easy to chat with and just a ton of fun! 

Plus, joking about how inflexible I am was an instant connection point.

She is a dancer and has been since she was 2. I, on the other hand, can’t touch my toes and haven’t been able to since I was 2. It was so fun just to joke about our differences and learn about what she is passionate about! Her positive energy and go-getter attitude is going to take her far in life! I am excited to watch it all unfold! Just make sure you don’t crease her shoes. 

Then she may come after you. 🙂

In all honesty though, Nyla thank you for making your senior session such a blast. You were totally up for anything and your smile is contagious. I had the hardest time picking my favorites. Plus, I was laughing as I was flipping through them because of all of the different memories and jokes popping up in my head from that part of the session. Seriously, one of my favorites! 

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

senior girl wearing peach tank top and blue jeans standing between evergreen tree rows at overlook park
senior girl with hands in pockets and left ankle over right ankle by evergreen trees at overlook park
senior girl with left hand on right shoulder and right toe back by evergreen trees at park in lancaster county
senior girl in pale yellow dress by bushes looking back over right shoulder at overlook park
senior girl leaning back with left shoulder toward camera surrounded by green bushes and trees at overlook park
senior girl with left shoulder towards camera and right hand on her right temple at overlook park in lancaster pennsylvania
senior girl wearing dark floral top and blue jean shorts crouched down in grass with library behind her at overlook park
senior girl crouched down resting her chin on her right fist smiling at overlook park
senior girl sitting in grass with left leg extended out looking back over left shoulder by library at overlook park
senior girl wearing little black dress with hands on hips by wildflowers at overlook park
senior girl sitting in grass along row of white wildflowers and looking into the distance on summer evening at overlook park

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