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Boho Overlook Park Senior Session

Aug 31, 2022

One tough cookie!

This is how I would describe Renee in one sentence. She is one tough cookie!

I first met Renee back on one of the volleyball teams that I coached a few years ago. She always came ready to play and was tough! Not much phased her. But it wasn’t until our first tournament, and the years to follow, that I truly saw how tough she actually was! In one of our games, Renee came down on the foot of a girl on the other team, under the net. Her ankle immediately rolled.

It still gives me shivers thinking about it!

As you could probably guess, she was out for the rest of the tournament. There was a lot that had been torn, sprayed, broken. Honestly, you name it, it sadly probably happened. To the point that she was most likely not going to be back to the team until the last tournament of the season. It happened in January, and our last tournament was at the end of May. Could you even imagine being away from the sport you love for that long?

Little did we know, that would have been better than what did happen!

Her boho Overlook Park senior session just happened last week, and she was still not 100% from the injury! Now, can you imagine?! It has been over two years and three surgeries of her having to work through this pain. Now, do you see why she is a tough cookie? Every time I catch up with her, she always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude. For so many this would have crushed them!

But not for Renee!

Volleyball may, unfortunately, be over, but she is on the hunt for a new passion everyday. Trying new things. Spending time with friends. Not letting this injury keep her down! I will always look up to her and her determination to keep going! It has been such an honor to have her as one of my 2022 Senior Spokesmodels. It is always a joy to catch up with her each time! Now she is headed off to college, and I know she will continue to impress me!

This girl never gives up!

Renee, thank you for showing me what hard work, determination, and never giving up looks like! I am so proud of you and the woman you are becoming. Continue to never let anything get you down! You deserve to shine! I know you surely did throughout your boho Overlook Park senior session! You seriously crushed it, and those blue eyes of yours are to die for! I hope you are obsessed as much as I am!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

senior girl wearing ivory lace dress and holding brim of ivory hat with both hands at overlook park
senior girl looking back over right shoulder with her left knee popped wearing dress and cowboy boots by evergreen trees at overlook park
senior girl resting her left hand on her left shoulder by willow tree at overlook park in lancaster county
senior girl looking back over left shoulder away from camera by willow tree at sunset in lancaster county
senior spokesmodel wearing white top and blue jeans standing by trees at overlook park at sunset in manheim township
senior girl wearing cute floral dress standing by tall wildflowers at sunset at overlook park in lancaster pennsylvania
senior girl wearing floral dress and white brimmed hat with left hand on right shoulder in field of tall grasses at sunset in lancaster pa
senior girl walking towards camera with patch of tall wildflowers behind at sunset on summer evening in overlook park
senior girl sitting in field of beautiful white wildflowers at sunset at overlook park with her legs and hands folded
senior girl standing at edge of tall wild grasses with her right hand holding brim of white hat with left shoulder toward camera at overlook park at sunset

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