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Classy Summer Overlook Park Engagement Session

Aug 24, 2022

Can you even imagine. Meeting the person that was going to be the love of your life at age 3 and not having any clue?

That is exactly how the story began for Mallory and Ryan.

It’s almost like a TV show. Mallory’s next door neighbor was Ryan’s cousin, and Ryan just lived a couple of streets over. So from age 3 and up, it was normal for them to be hanging out together with all of the neighborhood kids. Never thinking twice about it. Actually, they don’t even remember really meeting each other. Totally fair, not sure I remember much from that age either.

They have just always been in each other’s lives.

As the years passed, something changed within, and the childhood friendship started to blossom into something more. It wasn’t until their first date at a Chili’s restaurant that the two of them realized there may be a spark. Talking for hours after the date may have done the trick! After that night, it was history!

The two were inseparable in a different way!

Now, they spend their time golfing, watching movies, trying out new breakfast spots, and snuggling up on the couch with ice cream in hand (my kind of treat)! Still the same great friendship from way long ago, but a new found love added on top! That love exuded through the two of them during their classy summer Overlook Park engagement session. Constant hand holding and laughter were the ingredients for the perfect session. I felt like I barely had to instruct them because they already looked adorable on their own!

Hello endless amounts of adorable photos!

It was SO HARD to narrow it down to my favorites for the blog post! You’ll have to tell me which is your favorite. I can’t wait for these two cuties to be back in front of my camera for their wedding in July 2023 at the beautiful Bohemia Overlook! Let the countdown begin!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engaged couple standing together with guy behind girl as she looks back at him in grove of pine trees at overlook park
guy wearing white button up shirt and khaki pants and girl wearing floral dress holding hands between rows of evergreen trees at overlook park
woman smiling at camera as she rests her right hand on man's chest and he nuzzles against her left temple at park in lancaster county
black and white photo of engaged couple hugging and almost kissing by trees at overlook park in lancaster pennsylvania
girl hugging guy from behind as he looks back by trees at overlook park in lancaster county
guy twirling girl under his left hand with right hand in his pocket by trees at overlook park
engaged couple holding hands and smiling at each other with trees in background at overlook park
black and white photo of guy kissing girl on her forehead by tall wild grasses at overlook park
engaged couple posing on left side of photo by tall wildflowers at sunset at overlook park
couple holding hands as guy leads girl looking back at her by wildflowers at sunset in lancaster pennsylvania
engaged couple kissing at sunset by field of wildflowers at overlook park
engaged couple sitting in the grass by field of wildflowers at sunset at overlook park in lancaster county

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  2. […] Classy Summer Overlook Park Engagement Session […]

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