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Downtown Urban Senior Session

Sep 8, 2022

We hit the town for an evening of fun for this downtown urban senior session!

I don’t think I’ll ever stop saying how much these girls keep me on my toes! Their ideas and high-energy spirits make every session a never-ending ball of fun! Plus, the photos we took are some of my favorites.

Just wait till you see below!

We started the session at the cute brick streets of Old Trinity Place in downtown Lancaster. It’s honestly a little hidden oasis within the city! One of my favorite places. Bright colored house. Fun garage doors and front door stoops! I love it there. Then, we were off to the monolithic stairs of the Lancaster County Courthouse. A little more formal of a location that let the girls’ outfits pop off the background!

Needless to say, the variety in the photos was endless!

Each of the girls this year is in a Fall sport: tennis or volleyball! It is so fun to just take some time during the session to catch up and hear how their teams are doing! Plus, school just started, so that in-and-of-itself is a big thing to get caught up on! Senior year is starting off strong for each of them! How old does it make me if I say hanging out with them makes me feel like a high school senior all over again?

I may be one of the few, but take me back in a heartbeat!

I loved high school! So girls, don’t wish it away! Enjoy every single day. Every game you play, practice you have, test you take, and event you attend. It’s your last year, so enjoy it all! There is nothing quite like high school! I can’t wait to come alongside you as you enjoy every minute!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

one senior girl in a yellow dress with white cowboy boots and another senior girl in white dress and cowboy boots facing each other holding hands in downtown lancaster
senior girl in yellow dress with white cowboy boots with hands on hips looking down at old trinity place in lancaster pa
senior girl wearing white dress holding brim of her cowboy hat with her right hand and looking into distance at old trinity place in lancaster city
two senior girls sitting on steps of lancaster county courthouse and looking at each other smiling
senior girl standing onto steps of lancaster county courthouse holding onto hand rail and looking left in lancaster city
senior girl in white top with black jeans standing behind senior girl wearing light blue dress in lancaster city
senior girl wearing light blue and white seersucker dress leaning towards camera smilng at old trinity place neighborhood
senior girl in white crop top and black jeans leaning against blue garage door and looking to the right smiling in downtown lancaster
senior girl with left hand in pocket of black jeans smiling at camera and leaning against dark blue garage door in lancaster city
two senior girls sitting on concrete steps of the lancaster county courthouse on sunny summer evening in lancaster pennsylvania
senior girl wearing blue one-strap flowy dress holding onto handrail of lancaster county courthouse and looking to her left smiling in downtown lancaster

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