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Vibrant Inn at Leola Village Wedding

Aug 10, 2022

Angie and Rodney

August 4th.

To Angie and Rodney, this date encapsulates their entire relationship.

Most couples have two different dates that are important to them. Two dates they forever hold onto and remember. One being the date they started dating, or had their first date, and the other being their wedding date. For Angie and Rodney, those dates fall on the same day. August 4th in 2012 and 2022.

Exactly ten years apart for their Vibrant Inn at Leola Village Wedding.

On that date in 2012, the two of them agreed to meet each other in person for their first date. They had met online, and things had been going good. Good enough to meet each other in-person, but they still had reservations. Both of them had other plans figured out for after the date, in case they needed a reason to bail early!

To their surprise, the date went amazing!

So much so that Angie invited Rodney to tag along to the after plans and meet her friends. It basically was love at first sight because they were inseparable ever since! They have a love for golf and puppies. A perfect combo if you ask me! Things were going incredible, but earlier this year, while enjoying dinner together at home, Rodney took the next step to make it official.

He want to officially make her Mrs. Lambert!

I’m so happy he did. First, because they make the sweetest couple. Second, because it meant I had the honor of meeting and celebrating these two! What a joy it has been! August 4th, 2022 was an absolute blast. The day was full of color, happiness, and pops of their puppies sprinkled in. Beautifully representing the two of them and who they are as a couple.

Their vibrant Inn at Leola Village wedding was a perfect way to start the next chapter in their lives!

I can’t wait to see what all unfolds! I even more can’t wait to see their reaction to all these gorgeous photos! It was so hard to narrow them down because every minute of the day was something special! Good thing we won’t have to wait too long for the full gallery to be ready, so they can flip through the entire story of their wedding day.

A fun tradition to continue every August 4th for years and years to come!

What an unforgettable day! Enjoy!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

image of couple's two dogs printed onto napkin with wedding bands resting on it in leola pennsylvania
black of white photo of back of bride in gown with long train as she looks out over balcony at the inn at leola village
groom in navy blue suit with blue tie holding edges of suit coat in lawn at the inn at leola village
bride in white sleeveless gown with v-neck holding vibrant bouquet of flowers at the inn at leola village in lancaster county
close up photo of bride's beautiful colorful bouquet of flowers as she holds onto her groom in leola pennsylvania
bride looking back at camera as her veil blows and groom rests his forehead on her right temple at the inn at leola village
groom standing behind bride as they hold hands and she looks back at him smiling by maroon building in leola pennsylvania
close up of bride and bridesmaids all holding vibrant flower bouquets at the inn at leola village
couple surrounded by their bridal party on brick patio at the inn at leola village in leola pennsylvania
groom with his one groomsman standing on pathway with their hands in their pockets at the inn at leola village
couple kissing as their bridal party cheers and bridesmaids raise bouquets at the inn at leola village
bride and groom kiss at the end of aisle as they leave outdoor wedding ceremony at the inn at leola village
photo of couple kissing as they're surrounded by all of their guests during their reception at the inn at leola village
groom twirling his bride under his left hand as he holds her bouquet in his right hand at the inn at leola village
couple kissing in aisle of guests holding sparklers as they leave their wedding reception at the inn at leola village

The Amazing Vendor Team:

Wedding Planner | The Inn at Leola Village

Venue | The Inn at Leola Village

Wedding Dress | In White

Wedding Dress Designer | Lillian West

Florist | The Inn at Leola Village

DJ | Red Tie Entertainment

Hair Stylist | The Inn at Leola Village

Makeup Artist | The Inn at Leola Village

Caterer | The Inn at Leola Village

Wedding Cake | The Inn at Leola Village

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