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Magical Barn at Silverstone Wedding

Jun 2, 2022

As Kt’s mom helped her put the finishing touches on for her wedding day look for their magical Barn at Silverstone wedding, we all stepped back in complete awe. She was a stunning bride, and the dress was immaculate. (I’ll come back to the dress in a little bit). Nate was not going to believe his eyes when he saw her.

But first, there was one other man in Kt’s life that would get to see her first.

Kt hid back in the bridal suite as we brought her dad up to the porch for his first look with his daughter. He had so many emotions going on. Happiness. Nervousness. Anxiousness. Everything wrapped up into one. Even a couple of jokes to ease the build up of the moment.

You could tell that this was going to be a very big moment in the day!

As he faced away, the door slowly opened behind him, and Kt stepped out onto the porch. Tears already building up in her eyes. This moment was just as important to her. As she stood there wiping her eyes, so she could see clearly, her dress was laid beautifully behind her. Each layer of her train created with a different design on it. She was radiant!

The moment had finally arrived.

Kt took a few steps forward and called out her dad’s name to turn around. At first, he made an exaggerated, shocked face as he began to turn around. Almost trying to lighten the mood before the emotions set in.

But it wasn’t until he actually saw her that the true emotions set in.

As he was about 3/4th of the way turned, his lighter tone in his voice went quiet, and all that came out was a soft, “Wow!” He couldn’t believe his eyes. I think she was even more beautiful than he could have imagined, and it showed in his response! He was completely blown away by his gorgeous daughter! It was such a special moment to watch.

She literally took his breath away!

Not only did Kt do it to her father, but she also did it to Nate as she took her first steps down the aisle. His eyes opened up wide, and his mouth dropped open! He couldn’t get enough of looking at her the entire day. Any moment he could, he would take a step back and just take in all of her beauty! She was now his wife!!

She truly stole the show!

Her dress from Designer Loft Bridal was truly one-of-a-kind. I had never seen so much detail in one dress and done so beautifully! She was a sight to see! It definitely is a bonus that Kt is a bridal consultant and sees so many dresses through her line of work! She definitely had been making notes about what she wanted!

It paid off big time!

I have seen quite a few dresses in my career, too, but none took my breath away like hers did! Nate definitely was right when he wanted to take in every snapshot he could of her in that dress! It is definitely one you never want to forget! Take a peek for yourself in my favorites below from their magical Barn at Silverstone wedding! Is she not absolutely stunning?! Let me know in the comments! Congrats again to the new Mr. and Mrs. Witmer!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

beautiful white barn with white fence at the barn at silverstone in lancaster pennsylvania
bride's long dress train draped on the floor as she bends down to buckle her shoe in lancaster pa
bride's mom and her sharing a laugh as bride puts earring into her ear in bridal suite at the barn at silverstone
bride's mom standing behind her with hands on her shoulders as they both smile at the barn at silverstone
bride's parents on each side of her kissing her cheeks as she smiles at the barn at silverstone
bride in v-neck sleeveless gown smiling by white doors at the barn at silverstone
bride smiling as she holds her bouquet of white flowers and daisies at the barn at silverstone
groom adjusting his watch on his left wrist outdoors at the barn at silverstone
groom with this three groomsmen all wearing gray suits with groom in lighter gray suit in lancaster pa
groom and groomsmen walking toward camera looking in opposite directions in grass at the barn at silverstone
bride with her three bridesmaids wearing teal dress by outdoor stone fireplace at the barn at silverstone
bride and bridesmaids all huddled together smiling by stone outdoor fireplace in lancaster pennsylvania
bride standing in lawn by white fence holding bouquet with long veil blowing behind her at barn venue in lancaster pa
bride and her bridesmaids all smiling at looking at each other by outdoor stone fireplace at the barn at silverstone
couple sharing a kiss as they leave their wedding ceremony inside rustic barn in lancaster pennsylvania
bride and groom kissing as their bridal party cheers outdoors at the barn at silverstone
groom kissing bride's left cheek as she smiles at camera with her veil blowing around them in lancaster county
bride and groom sharing their first dance during beautiful stone barn reception at the barn at silverstone
groom twirling his bride under his right hand by white fence outside at the barn at silverstone
bride and groom off in the distance holding hands and walking by stone barn outdoors at the barn at silverstone
groom behind his bride outdoors by trees and white fence on sunny evening at the barn at silverstone
couple is kissing in huge grass lawn and row of trees and standing on right side of photo in lancaster county
bride holding bouquet of white and yellow flowers as she hugs and stares at her husband outdoors at the barn at silverstone
bride and groom kissing by fence with white barn behind them on sunny spring evening at the barn at silverstone
couple holding hands as they walk away from camera by tall trees at the barn at silverstone in lancaster pennsylvania
bride and groom kissing between rows of guests at sparkler sendoff in the dark at the barn at silverstone

The Amazing Vendor Team:

Wedding Planner | The Barn at Silverstone

Wedding Dress | Designer Loft Bridal

Bridesmaid’s Dress | Kennedy Blue

Groom’s Attire | Men’s Wearhouse

Groomsmen’s Attire | Men’s Wearhouse

Florist | Flourish Flowers

DJ | DJ Andy M

Hair Stylist | Hair by Kristie

Makeup Artist | Janelle Lynn

Invitations | Zola

Caterer | Serock Catering

Wedding Cake | The Master’s Baker

Venue | The Barn at Silverstone

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