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Classy Summer Cameron Estate Wedding

Jun 30, 2022

“Put your hands together and help me welcome the new Mr. and Mrs. Porell!”
Before the DJ could even finish the last words, the reception space at Cameron Estate erupted into applause! Cass and Danny, with their hands in the air, came running up the steps with the biggest smiles on their faces!

The amount of support and excitement for these two was overflowing!

This theme of complete excitement had been a theme up to this point for their classy summer Cameron Estate wedding. The biggest of smiles all day from anyone that was in attendance. All the way up until one specific moment. Typically, this is not the moment on a wedding day that has people choked up.

It took the HMP Team by surprise…in the best way possible.

Any guesses? No? Let me tell ya! It wasn’t until the father of the groom stood up to give his speech that the huge smiles changed into eyes filled with tears. Yep, you read that right! It isn’t often that the father of the groom even gives a speech on the wedding day, and let alone that he has the whole room reaching for tissues!

But Danny’s dad did exactly that.

He stood up at the front, holding the microphone in his hand and began to speak. Everything was going smoothly. Smiles and giggles popped up all around the room. It was a special speech! As it was coming to an end, the love that Danny’s dad had for him just took over, and he couldn’t hold it together anymore.

The tears let loose.

Not only for his Dad but for many of the guests. Instantly, with tears in his eyes, too, Danny stood up and went over to his dad. Arms wide open. Ready to give him the biggest hug. Embracing him tightly and letting him know he loved him. It was one of the sweetest moments we have seen between a son and his dad! I will probably remember it forever! His dad pulled himself together enough to finish his speech and let the couple know how truly happy he was for the two of them.

Not a dry eye was left in the room!

It perfectly showed just how much love and happiness there was for Cass and Danny! There guest count may not have been the biggest we have ever seen, but the support for these two matched them! The whole day, these two were surrounded by endless love, support, excitement, and happiness. What more could you ask for! I know I, along with my team, couldn’t have asked for a better couple to be part of the HMP family! Tracey and Adela absolutely loved working with these two and their entire bridal party! Enjoy some of our absolute favorites as we reminisce about this beautifully classy summer Cameron Estate wedding!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

beautiful wedding invitation surrounded by shoes, jewelry, and bottle of perfume at cameron estate inn
wedding invitation with wedding rings, bride's white shoes, and a bottle of perfume in lancaster county
four bridesmaids and bride's mom all reacting with excitement at seeing the bride for the first time in bridal suite at cameron estate inn
groom spritzing cologne onto his neck while wearing his black suit and bowtie in suite at cameron estate inn
bride sharing a first look moment outdoors with her father by house at cameron estate inn
groom reacting with his hands over his mouth during first look with his bride at cameron estate inn
bride and groom touching noses as they stand close before wedding ceremony on sunny day in lancaster pennsylvania
black and white photo of bride looking back over left shoulder in spaghetti strap white gown at cameron estate inn
bride and groom kissing on lawn with bride's dress train displayed and veil blowing in breeze at cameron estate inn
couple hugging as groom kisses bride's forehead with their eyes closed at cameron estate inn
bride surrounded by her four bridesmaids wearing blush gowns and holding bouquets outside at cameron estate inn
groom with his four groomsmen standing in a "v" behind him and looking in opposite directions under trees at cameron estate inn
groomsmen being playful and having fun with groom on lawn of cameron estate inn in mount joy pennsylvania
couple sharing their vows inside bright room with chandelier at cameron estate inn in lancaster county
couple sharing their first kiss during wedding ceremony by fireplace at cameron estate inn
couple holding hands and smiling as they walk back aisle after wedding ceremony at cameron estate inn
bride and groom with their bridal party all standing on lawn and smiling at cameron estate inn
bride and groom holding hands and looking at each other and walking with bridal party toward camera in lancaster county
groom twirling his bride as she smiles and looks over right shoulder outdoors at cameron estate inn
bride and groom sharing their first dance during indoor reception at cameron estate inn
groom smiling at his bride as she has her back toward camera during their first dance at cameron estate inn
groom smiling at bride as her arms are raised overhead at the end of their first dance at cameron estate inn in mount joy pennsylvania
couple holding hands and walking away from camera as bride looks back over left shoulder on lawn at cameron estate inn
bride and groom touch noses and stand close with their hands held between their chests outside at cameron estate inn
bride and a large group of her female friends all huddled together and smiling at camera during reception at cameron estate inn
bride and groom leaving reception at nighttime during sparkler sendoff as bride raises her right hand in lancaster county pennsylvania

The Amazing Vendor Team:

Wedding Dress | Diana’s Bridal

Wedding Dress Designer | Essence of Australia

Bridesmaid’s Dress | David’s Bridal

Florist | Poppy Flowers

DJ | Perfect Harmony Entertainment

Invitations | Canva

Caterer | Cameron Estate Inn

Venue | Cameron Estate Inn

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  1. […] Classy Summer Cameron Estate Wedding […]

  2. It certainly was an absolutely beautiful wedding!

    Meme and Papa!

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