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Pastel Blue Normandy Farm Wedding

Jul 6, 2022

Oh, the places you will go, and the people you will meet! Dr. Suess had it right! On October 3rd, 2020, I received an Instagram DM request from a new person, and it wrote “Love the “gave puppy kisses.” It was in reference to a to-do list I had posted in my stories for what tasks I needed to complete that day. Right away, I knew I had to be friends with this person because, out of all the other tasks, they commented on my favorite one!

Little did I know what that first message was going to turn into!

Rachel and I continued to chat on Instagram off and on and commented on each other’s stories as they popped up. Like they say nowadays, we became Insta friends! She, too, was a photographer, so we quickly bonded over wedding questions, tips, and funny stories. What solidified this friendship to being more that just on Instagram was when Mitch and her asked me to be their wedding photographer for their pastel blue Normandy Farm wedding!

I was so honored!

When another photographer asks you to be their photographer, it is one of the greatest compliments! They know they can trust you to give them the experience they provide to their own couples! I couldn’t ask for more. However, I ended up getting so much more! Rachel and Mitch quickly became close friends of ours! We often got together for game nights or enjoyed a meal at the other’s house! Mitch is pretty darn good at games, and it is always a goal to beat him!

We loved spending time with them and still do!

I always say I want my couples to feel like I am another close friend on their wedding day. That is my goal with every one of my couples! But when it turns into a friendship that lasts past the wedding day, and Joel gets to be a part of it, it is more than I could ever ask for!

The excitement about this friendship didn’t end there!

Remember I said Rachel was a photographer? That plays a big role in the next thing that happened! If you have been following along with my business, you know that I grew my team recently. Well, Rachel is one of the newest HMP team members and will be photographing HMP weddings as well!! I am so honored, yet again, that she has loved the experience with me as her own photographer that she wants to join the fun and provide those experiences to more HMP couples!

I am seriously blown away!

All from an initial DM about puppy kisses! What the world? You just never know who you may meet and how they will impact your life! Rachel and Mitch have made a lasting impression (and friendship) that I hope will last a long time! Sunday was finally the day these two got to say, “I Do” for themselves, and let me tell you, it was a day to remember! The venue, Normandy Farm, was stunning. Every detail perfectly thought out. Rachel’s dress, to die for! Their happiness for the friends and family that was there to celebrate them, priceless!

It was a day to never forget!

I still feel so honored that I was the one behind the camera photographing it all. To capture each moment for them to cherish for years to come. I can’t thank you two enough for asking me to do that! You two are the sweetest people, and the whole day I felt like I was a guest celebrating alongside everyone else. Especially when Rachel made sure I got ice cream before I headed out for the night. What an ideal HMP Couple! I’ll be flipping through these photos from your pastel blue Normandy Farm wedding for a long time, and I’m sure you will be, too! So incredibly happy for you, Rachel and Mitch! Congratulations!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

bride surrounded by her mom and five bridesmaids all wearing floral dresses inside bridal suite at normandy farms
bride's mom buttoning up the back of bride's wedding gown inside bridal suite at normandy farms
bride's tan strappy sandals surrounded by blue and white flowers in montgomery county pennsylvania
close up photo of groom adjusting his right cuff link while wearing dark gray suit and blue bow tie at normandy farms
bride looking off into distance and smiling in beautiful white sleeveless gown by tree at normandy farms in blue bell pennsylvania
bride and groom hugging as groom kisses her left cheek by unique outdoor brick structure at normandy farms
black and white photo of couple kissing with her long white veil blowing around them at normany farms in blue bell pennsylvania
bride resting her left cheek on groom's right shoulder as he kisses her head at normandy farms
bride surrounded by her five bridesmaids wearing light blue gowns and all holding white and blue bouquets at normandy farms
bride and her bridesmaids all holding bouquets and walking towards camera while smiling and look at each other at normandy farms
bride and groom with bridal party and young flower girl by white building at normandy farms in blue bell pennsylvania
groom looking back at his five groomsmen all wearing gray suits and smiling at normandy farms
groom in dark gray suit smiling with groomsmen wearing light gray suits and looking at him at normandy farms
bride and groom kissing during traditional jewish wedding with guests clapping at normandy farms
bride and groom kissing while holding glasses of champagne at the end of aisle at outdoor ceremony at normandy farms
groom dipping his bride way back during their first dance at indoor reception at normandy farms
bride and groom sitting on chairs and being raised up by guests during jewish dance at reception at normandy farms
groom twirling his bride under his right hand as she flares out her white gown in montgomery county pennsylvania
bride smiling with right shoulder toward camera and holding bouquet as groom kisses her left cheek at normandy farms

The Amazing Vendor Team:

Wedding Planner | Normandy Farm Hotel

Wedding Dress | Jennifer’s Bridal

Wedding Dress Designer | Hailey Page

Bridesmaid’s Dress | Bella Bridesmaids

Groom’s Attire | Men’s Wearhouse

Groomsmen’s Attire | Men’s Wearhouse

Florist | Willow and Thistle

DJ | The Vibe Tribe

Videographer | Well Spun Weddings

Hair Stylist | The Hair Wrecker

Invitations | Minted

Caterer | Normandy Farm Hotel

Wedding Cake | Normandy Farm Hotel

Venue | Normandy Farm Hotel

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