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2022 Spokesmodel Team Graduation Shoot

Jul 7, 2022

Just like that, another year gone!

Where in the world did it go?

This time last year, I was meeting this group of seniors at a bowling alley for their meet and greet. Many of them, I had known previously. Others, I had just connected with on Instagram. It was the biggest team I have had so far.

Eleven incredible seniors.

I was so excited for the year ahead. Then poof, it’s all done!
Meet and greet – check. Mini sessions – check. Fall session – check. Individual Senior sessions – check. Valentine’s Day shoot – check. Spring session – check.

Check, check, check.

One by one, each session was completed. Like every year, we ended with their 2022 Spokesmodel Team Graduation session. It’s where each Senior gets to do cap and gown photos, plus a few photos with their college apparel. It’s one of my favorite sessions because, by then mostly, if not all, of them have officially graduated and are getting excited for the next steps in their lives.

The college years.

I get to hear when they move in, when school starts, if they have met their roommate, etc. I just love to hear the excitement in their voices as they start to pack and plan their dorm rooms. It instantly takes me back to my summer before college. It is filled with ALL the emotions! Happiness. Nervousness. Confidence. Sadness.

It is ever-changing!

This year, we have seniors going down south to Texas, staying close at Penn State or Kutztown, and even heading to Appalachian State. They are spread all over. Some even going to the same college. No matter what, it is a brand new situation for them, and I already know they are going to thrive! I can’t wait to cheer each of them on in their upcoming endeavors!

They are going to do big things!

I’m truly so sad that this is the end because I have LOVED this year with each of them! They will forever be an extra special team to me! To the Class of 2022, stay in touch and know you can always reach out to me for anything!

This is what I want to leave you with:

Try new things.

Step out of your comfort zone.

Let your wings soar.

Do the unthinkable.

Push the limits.

Enjoy the slow moments.

Take in the scenery.

Be smart.

Be authentically you.

Capture the memories.

Never forget who you are!

Love unconditionally.

Have fun!

I wish you all the best and can’t wait to see what the next steps have in store for you!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

eight senior spokesmodels posing in their colorful graduation gowns and holding 2022 balloons in lititz pennsylvania
senior spokesmodel in blue graduation gown with left shoulder toward camera and smiling by stone building in lititz pennsylvania
three female and one male senior spokesmodels in their blue graduation gowns holding their graduation caps and smiling by historic building in lititz pennsylvania
three class of 2022 senior girls in orange and black graduation gowns with arms linked by stone building in lititz pennsylvania
eight senior spokesmodels in colorful graduation gowns throwing their caps into the air in downtown lititz in lancaster county
eight senior spokesmodels for the class of 2022 wearing college t-shirts with arms around each other in lancaster pennsylvania
eight class of 2022 seniors standing in opposite directions and some holding one another piggyback style by stone building in lititz pennsylvania

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