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Pastel Barn at Silverstone Wedding

Jul 20, 2022

They always say, you never know where or when you are going to meet your soulmate! This saying could not be any truer for Gavin and Katarina’s story!

Let’s take it all the way back to the beginning for this one!

I promise we will get back to their pastel Barn at Silverstone wedding day soon! Katarina and Gavin both worked for the same company. Pretty common for a love story to blossom. It gets interesting, though, because of the location that their job was located at. Seattle! Neither of them grew up there. Both took the leap to move out there and ended up at the same company.

The first moment of perfect timing.

If the story ended there, and they just met at work and the rest was history, that would have been a pretty cute story; however, it doesn’t end there! Katarina and Gavin didn’t actually meet each other at work until their company hosted a summer picnic with a broom ball tournament. Sometimes, love blossoms during the most competitive times. They ended up on the same team, and instantly, took an interest to each other! Picking up on each other’s athleticism, smile, and humor. The conversation continued even after the night was over, but it wasn’t until a work trip pushed them together again!

Perfect coincidence, number two!

The were asked to go on the same work trip together to San Francisco. Talk about first date goals! For a company as big as it was, it was fate that brought these two together again. Gavin took her out to a fancy dinner and swept her off her feet by picking her a flower on the way. Deep conversation over guacamole and margaritas was the perfect cherry on top! It wasn’t long before they were grabbing drinks and spending as much time together as they could!

Then the true test came.

Katarina tested the relationship. She was ready to move back to the east coast and asked if Gavin would join her. For some, this could be a tough decision. Even a deal breaker. For Gavin, it was an easy decision. He would follow her anywhere! From one side of the country to the other, their relationship stood strong. Gavin seasoned the deal with a proposal in Utah while the two of them were on a skiing trip with a group their friends.

The perfect proposal for this travel-loving couple!

It was so fun to relive this story in the eyes of their family and friends while photographing their rehearsal dinner. Each one has a slightly different perspective, but they all agreed, Katarina and Gavin were perfect for each other. Gavin’s dad said it best, though. If any one of those coincidental moments had been slightly shifted, they may never have met each other. If one of them didn’t go to Seattle. If they were put on separate broom ball teams. Or if Gavin didn’t follow her across the country. We may not have been celebrating them on July 15th, 2022, as they said, “Yes!” to forever to one another!

They did say yes, and the celebration was incredible!

Their group of family and friends may be the strongest group of supporters I have ever seen. Love was overflowing from the barn, and it was so special to see Katarina and Gavin surrounded by every single one of them at their pastel Barn at Silverstone wedding. Seriously, a day to remember! Check out some of my absolute favorites and try to tell me this wasn’t the most magical day!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

bride with her six bridesmaids sitting on the wood floor against a brick wall in their robes before the wedding at the barn at silverstone
groom and his six groomsmen all in blue suits walking towards camera outside under willow tree at the barn at silverstone
groom with groomsmen under willow tree with their hands folded in front of them on sunny day in lancaster county
bride and groom sharing their first look moment outside barn with groom smiling in delight at the barn at silverstone
groom and bride resting their foreheads together as she holds bouquet by willow tree at the barn at silverstone
bride resting her right cheek against groom's left shoulder as she looks down at her under willow tree in lancaster pennsylvania
close up photo of bridal bouquet filled with pink and white roses and hydrangea and eucalyptus at the barn at silverstone
bride and groom holding hands as they look at each other walking towards camera under willow tree in lancaster county
bride with her bridesmaids in blush gowns all holding bouquets and walking towards camera at the barn at silverstone
couple surrounded by their bridal party outside white barn on sunny day at the barn at silverstone
bride in off-the-shoulder gown kissing her groom in flue suit with pink tie at the barn at silverstone
couple kissing as their bridal party cheers for them by historic barn in lancaster county pennsylvania
couple sharing their first kiss inside barn wedding venue in lancaster county
bride smiling and looking off into distance as groom rests his nose on her right temple at the barn at silverstone
groom lifting his bride and swinging her on the dance floor inside stunning barn reception at the barn at silverstone
couple holding hands and walking along edge of pond at the barn at silverstone in lancaster county
groom lifting his bride at sunset by white gazebo at the barn at silverstone
groom dipping his bride back and kissing her by pond and white barn at the barn at silverstone
couple sharing a kissing in aisle of guests holding sparklers as they leave at nighttime from their reception at the barn at silverstone
bride and groom kissing under willow tree on sunny summer day at the barn at silverstone

The Amazing Vendor Team:

Wedding Planner | The Barn at Silverstone

Wedding Cake | The Master’s Baker

Wedding Dress | Jaehee Bridal

Bridesmaid’s Dress | Azazie

Groom’s Attire | Indochino

Groomsmen’s Attire | Indochino

Florist | Custom Florals

DJ | DJ Andy M

Videographer | John Sham

Hair Stylist | West London Salon

Makeup Artist | West London Salon

Invitations | Magnet Street

Caterer | John Serock Catering

Venue | The Barn at Silverstone

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