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Beautiful Pinnacle Point Engagement Session

Apr 15, 2023

You just never know what connections you might make on any given day.

That statement is ever so true when I think about Jackie. She was a bridesmaid and sister of one of my past HMP brides (check out that wedding here).

At that wedding, I absolutely fell in love with their whole family and a close friendship began with all of them. We have stayed in touch since, and it has been so fun to celebrate all of their exciting news!

This job has brought so much more joy than I could have ever expected.

Big things like Jackie kicking butt throughout the rest of her schooling. But even bigger, Robbie proposing to Jackie! I was ecstatic when I heard this news! The cherry on top was getting the text from her that I was the first person she thought to reach out to for wedding photography.

It truly meant the world to me!

To be a part of not only one of the sister’s weddings, but two is such an honor! I know that Jackie and Robbie are going to have the absolute best wedding day! Especially after they crushed their engagement session. From location to outfits to nailing the poses, these two made it look so easy during their beautiful Pinnacle Point engagement session!

Just wait till you see the end result below!

Her stunning purple dress popped perfectly against the gorgeous backdrop of Pinnacle Point! Robbie and Jackie were so cute throughout the session. Constant laughter and sweet embraces made for the most adorable photos! Their wedding day is going to be a walk in the park based on how easy it was to photograph these two during their engagement session!

Bring on even more picture perfect photos!

The HMP Team cannot wait to get these two back in front of their cameras at the end of this month. Thank goodness we don’t have to wait too long until their Maryland Golf and Country Club wedding! We may not have survived! It is going to be an absolutely beautiful day, and we are so excited to capture every single moment. Until then, enjoy some of our absolute favorites from their session and prepare yourself for all the goodness still to come!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

close up photo of guy kissing girl's right temple as she smiles and looks down with her left hand on his chest at pinnacle point in lancaster county
engaged couple holding hands and looking at each other stop large rock with trees behind them at sunset at pinnacle point
close up photo of girl hugging guy's right arm as their foreheads touch and showing off engagement ring at pinnacle point
engaged couple sitting and kissing with their backs toward the camera at sunset by large rock at pinnacle point in holtwood pennsylvania
black and white photo of engaged couple hugging and kissing with trees behind them at pinnacle point overlook
engaged couple standing close together stop large rock at sunset at pinnacle point in lancaster county
black and white photo of guy helping girl down from large rock at pinnacle point with susquehanna river behind them in lancaster pennsylvania
engaged couple holding hands and talking as they walk along pinnacle point overlook in lancaster county
engaged couple standing close with foreheads touching atop pinnacle point overlook in holtwood pennsylvania

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  2. […] Beautiful Pinnacle Point Engagement Session […]

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