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Floral Senior Session at Overlook Park

Aug 16, 2023

The calendar flips to August. Only a few weeks left before summer comes to an end, and you find yourself back in the classroom sitting at a desk.

How do you fill your remaining days?

Most about-to-be seniors fill it poolside or squeezing in one final vacation. Others are counting down the days for their summer job to be over. Then there a some who take advantage of their extra time, like Rylie, and schedule their senior session. Not only does she have way more free time to plan out her outfits, but she still has that summer tan to document.

Rylie knew what she was doing when she reached out for her floral senior session at Overlook Park.

She is also pretty excited for her senior year! So, it makes even more sense that she would be on the ball! From celebrating the “last time” for so many things to getting ready for her next chapter, Rylie is optimistic for all that is to come this school year! I know I’m excited to follow along and see where she ends up for college!

So many exciting things to come!

At her floral senior session at Overlook Park, Rylie came prepared! She had two fun outfits that perfectly paired with the scenery around her. She started out in a fun floral sage green shirt and jeans. This outfit was perfect for the pine tree grove at Overlook Park! Plus, the sunlight coming through the trees peaked through just as we started her session and made her pop!

We could not have asked for better timing!

Then, we headed over to a beautiful white wildflower field that pulled out the florals on her shirt. Her second outfit was a super cute summer dress that had the same white florals scattered across it. They almost seemed like they could have come from the same collection!

Hello variety, while still having a very cohesive gallery of photos!

This dress was perfect for the hill at Overlook Park that is lined on both sides with tall wild grasses. Fun. Comfy. Playful. Perfect choice for a senior session! We ended the session finding some beautiful yellow flowers. Can you see the floral theme weaving into the session everywhere we went?

We were obsessed with them!

Rylie’s sweet personality made her session the best! From talking about what colleges she has visited so far and others she still wants to see to hearing about her brother’s wedding coming up, there wasn’t a silent moment the entire time. We hit it off instantly! Scroll below for some of my absolute favorites and to see if you can count how many flowers were in her session (haha)!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

black and white photo of senior girl standing among rows of evergreen trees with left shoulder towards camera at overlook park
senior girl wearing green floral tank looking over left shoulder and smiling by trees at overlook park
senior girl in tank top and jeans leaning against evergreen tree at overlook park in lancaster county pennsylvania
senior girl leaning left shoulder against evergreen tree as she looks left and moves her right hand through her long hair at sunset at overlook park
senior girl standing in field of queen anne's lace flowers with her right hand in her hair at sunset at overlook park
senior girl looking over left shoulder with left hand on left shoulder by white wildflowers at overlook park
senior girl sitting in grass by white wildflowers and wearing cute blue dress at overlook park in lancaster pa
senior girl walking away from camera looking back over right shoulder by field of wildflowers at overlook park in manheim township
black and white photo of senior girl walking away from camera holding out edges of her short dress at overlook park
senior girl sitting in white wildflowers slightly smiling at camera at sunset at overlook park
senior girl sitting along row of yellow wildflowers at sunset at overlook park in lancaster pa
senior girl sitting beside yellow wildflowers with her right hand on her left shoulder at overlook park in lancaster county

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