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Winter Overlook Park Engagement Session

Dec 13, 2023

When I got home I checked my phone and saw a message from one of my brides. I had just gotten home from one of the coldest engagement sessions I have done in my career. The couple absolutely crushed it and didn’t let the cold affect them one bit.

Even though inside I am sure they were freezing!

I surely was! I wasn’t sure that the text was going to be about. The text read, “Despite the cold weather, we got blizzards at Dairy Queen!” If you have been around here ANY length of time you know if I could only eat ice cream for the rest of my life I would! So seeing this instantly made a smile hit my face. One, because my couples love ice cream like I do. And two, most importantly, I truly love the friendships I create with my couples.

I love that we chat like friends and they share fun things like this with me!

This job has brought so many incredible people in my life! Krissy and Brandon easily fall into that category! I love these two and I loved their winter Overlook Park engagement session. Plus, their two adorable pups joined the fun and made the session even better. I love my pups but these two definitely stole a little piece of my heart.

39 degrees had nothing on these two!

Krissy and Brandon, I cannot wait for your wedding next year at the beautiful Star Barn! We are less than a year away. Typically I don’t try to rush things, but November can’t come soon enough! I know it is going to be a beautiful day. I’ll try to stay patient by looking at these beautiful favorites from your winter Overlook Park engagement session.

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

couple snuggles together tightly as woman looks back and smiles at camera at overlook park
couple each holding a dog smiles at camera by rows of evergreen trees in lancaster pennsylvania
man smiles at camera as woman holds his left arm and gazes up at him smiling by evergreen trees at overlook park
couple kissing on left side of the photo at sunset by evergreen trees at overlook park
couple sitting on the ground with their two dogs at sunset in wintertime by evergreen trees in lancaster county
man standing behind woman as she looks at camera and they stand in field at sunset at overlook park
couple touching noses as they smile in field of dried wildflowers in wintertime at overlook park
engaged couple holding hands and walking down ramp by silo library at manheim township park
guy kissing girl on her right cheek as she smiles at camera along pathway at overlook park

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