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Tax Write-Offs for Photographers: Home Office and Uniforms

Jan 23, 2024

Last week, I attended the incredible Creative Educator Conference in Texas. If you’re new around here and haven’t see any of my previous tax write-off videos for photographers, click here for more.

Although it was freezing cold outside, the content in the conference was on fire. My hand kept cramping from all the notes I was taking! I am so excited to start implementing everything I’ve learned so that I can show up and support you all better.

So many exciting things on the horizon at HMP.

It was also so nice getting out of the office and connecting with so many incredible people. Most weeks, I am at my computer in my house because that is where I enjoy working. Some people go to coffee shops to work, but your girl is a big people watcher, so I always get distracted.

Can anyone else relate?

If you are like me and enjoy working at home and have a dedicated room to do it, you are in luck! That space can actually be used as a tax-write off towards your utilities for your house. In this week’s episode, I dive into how to calculate that percentage and what the parameters are. Plus, we also dive into the “ins and outs” of expenses that fall under the uniform category of tax write offs.

Click the link below to see if you have any expenses that you can report under either of these categories.

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

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