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Tax Write-Offs for Photographers: Marketing and Meals

Jan 17, 2024

Let’s play a game!

Which scenario counts as a tax write-off?

Scenario 1:

“Hey, Heather!” said Jess (Heather’s friend who is a photographer). “Want to go grab lunch together to catch-up?”

“Hey Jess! Absolutely!!!!! Let me know what dates you are available, and let’s set it up. I can’t wait to see you and hear about what you have been up to.”

Scenario 2:

“Hey Heather!” Wrote Sam (a vendor who Heather is collaborating with). “Would you want to grab a bite to eat and start planning out the details for our styled shoot?”

“Hey Sam. That sounds amazing! Let me know when you are free, and let’s set it up.”

Is the answer:

A. Scenario 1

B. Scenario 2

C. Both

In this week’s Youtube episode, we will be continuing our tax write-off series and diving into two of the most common tax expense categories: marketing and meals. We will be chatting about what falls under each of those categories, any unique requirements for those expenses, and tips to use towards those write-offs. Check out the video “Tax Write-Offs for Photographers: Marketing and Meals” below and see why the answer to the above question is Scenario B!

If you found this helpful, make sure to grab this freebie to help you follow along in the upcoming videos. It is a breakdown of the 15 most common expense categories when it comes to taxes. Use this guide to start organizing your expenses throughout the year, so your numbers are ready for your accountant to file your taxes. 

Grab the link here!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

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