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White Cliffs of Conoy Winter Engagement

Jan 15, 2024

“Oh, the places you will go!”

For me, it’s “Oh, the people you will meet!”

Since starting my business six years ago, I couldn’t even tell you how many people I have met. Couples, seniors, families, bridal parties. The list goes on and on. There is one thing that is my favorite when meeting someone.

Finding out what they do for their job.

I love hearing about someone’s career. There are so many jobs you don’t think about until someone says that’s what they do. Like a mechanic specifically for turnpike vehicles or developers for artificial intelligence. The list goes on and on. So many of these jobs I am so thankful someone does (and enjoys doing) because I wouldn’t even know where to begin. This exact thought crossed my mind when talking to Meredith and Thomas.

We were chatting during their White Cliffs of Conoy Winter Engagement Session.

Thomas is a funeral director. A job I know exists but not to the extent of what all they do. I figured they just ran the funerals, but I was wrong. Very wrong. They are part of every step. And since the walk to their location was about 1.5 miles, I had plenty of time to ask questions. Thomas was amazing and so happy to answer any question I threw his way.

Our walk was so informative.

Besides learning all about being a funeral director, I also loved just getting to know Meredith and Thomas more. I couldn’t stop talking to Joel about the two of them the whole ride home. We all hit it off so well. On top of the great conversations, their photos turned out amazing. It was just a beautiful evening, and for most of it, we had the whole place to ourselves.

These two were naturals!

I seriously cannot wait for their wedding day at Flourtown Country Club. Based off the engagement session, it is going to be an amazing day. I may have to come with one or two more questions about his career. Just kidding. November 2024 cannot come soon enough! Also, welcome officially to your wedding year. The best is yet to come!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engaged couple kissing by dried wild grasses with river in background at white cliffs of conoy in lancaster county
engaged couple holding hands and walking towards camera at sunset at the white cliffs of conoy
black and white photo of couple holding hands and looking in opposite directions by river in lancaster pennsylvania
engaged couple hugging and kissing on the white cliffs of conoy in lancaster pennsylvania in winter
woman hugging man's left arm as they both smile at camera at sunset at the white cliffs of conoy
black and white photo of girl holding guy's left arm as he looks over at her in lancaster county
engaged couple atop the white cliffs of conoy on sunny winter day with the susquehanna river below them
guy holding girls hand and leading her as they both look back at sunset at the white cliffs of conoy
engaged couple kissing at sunset with susquehanna river in background at white cliffs of conoy

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