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Tax Write-Off Series: Legal and Professional Fees, Dues and Subscriptions

Feb 7, 2024

For many of us, right now is off- season! 

*All those in that situation take a big sigh of relief.

This is the time we get a break from the editing queue and constant client emails. Which means, we finally have time to update our systems and make sure we can provide an even better experience for our clients next year. 

This is often the time we review our contracts and prepare our taxes. Which means, you may be in communication with your accountant or lawyer more often than the rest of the year. 

Although the chats with them may not be the most exciting part of your business, there is a silver-lining.

Those expenses can be used as TAX WRITE-OFFS!! Yay!!

In this week’s YouTube video I am walking you through which fees can fall under that category, plus, what expenses can be categorized under dues and subscriptions. This is a must watch episode for this time of year. Enjoy this next part of our tax write-off series: Legal and Professional Fees and Dues and Subscriptions!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

If you found this helpful make sure to grab this freebie to help you follow along in the upcoming videos. It is a breakdown of the 15 most common expense categories when it comes to taxes. Use this guide to start organizing your expenses throughout the year so your numbers are ready for your account to file your taxes. 

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