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Spring Blossoms Overlook Park Engagement

May 1, 2024

That one time at band camp.

The funny phrase everyone used back in high school sort of became reality for Abbey and Sean. Sort of. Not at band camp, but as band instructors.

Let’s rewind to a couple of years ago at OJR HS, where Abbey and Sean’s love story quietly began amidst the chaos of indoor percussion. They were both teachers and secretly crushing on each other.

Then life threw them a curveball called COVID.

But distance couldn’t dim their connection. When they finally reunited, it was like no time had passed at all. Sean’s invitation to a band’s gig in Phoenixville turned out to be the start of something special.

It started as a group hangout and quickly turned into a night they would never forget.

But the night that changed it all was during a “regular” night out in Phoenixville, or so Abbey thought. Sean surprised Abbey before they headed out the door with a proposal that left them both speechless. They spent the rest of the night celebrating the exciting news.

A perfect night to a new beginning.

For Abbey and Sean, love is about the simple joys and the unexpected adventures. That was evident at their spring blossoms Overlook Park engagement session. The joy on their faces as they walked hand in hand or just looked towards each other melted our hearts. They were just so happy to be together. Experiencing new things.

Making new memories!

Here’s to so many more memories ahead for you two. The HMP Team can’t wait to capture some of those moments at your Bryn Awel Manor wedding in June 2025! The count down is on, and we are so ready to celebrate with you!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

woman in white dress leaning her head against man's right shoulder by blooming pink tree at overlook park
guy in light blue dress shirt and dark blue dress pants twirling girl under his right arm at overlook park
closeup photo of beautiful diamond engagement ring on bride-to-be at overlook park in lancaster pennsylvania
guy hugging girl from behind as they sun peaks through trees behind them at park in lancaster county
guy in maroon and white stripe top and jeans and girl in flowy top with jeans kissing by trees at overlook park
closeup photo of guy resting his forehead against girl's left temple as she looks into the distance at overlook park
engaged couple kissing with pink blooming trees all around them at overlook park
guy lifting girl off the ground as she hugs his neck at sunset at overlook park
black and white photo of guy hugging girl from behind as she looks up at him at overlook park
woman kissing man's forehead as they hug by rows of evergreen trees at sunset in lancaster pennsylvania
guy hugging girl from behind as she looks back and he kisses her forehead at overlook park
couple walking away from camera as woman holds man's left hand and leads him at sunset at overlook park

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