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Best of 2020 Seniors

Feb 11, 2021

Senior year.

Your the king or queen on campus. Counting down the days until summer break. Celebrating all the highlights of the year. Partially hoping for the days to slow down, so you don’t have to say goodbye to seeing your friends everyday.

Senior year is a mix of emotions!

So much to look forward to as you start a new chapter in life but also reminiscing all everything that has happened during the past four years.
These are the feelings each of my seniors are experiencing right now as they finish their last semester of high school. It is truly a joy to watch as their next journey starts to fall into place. With my spokesmodel team, we have a meet-and-greet at the beginning of the school year to get to know each other and to chat about the year ahead. At that point, most of them were still figuring out what college that wanted to end up at. Now several of them have committed and are preparing for all the exciting things ahead.

It is truly so special to be a part of such an important year!

For me, senior year is still one of my favorite years of my life. It’s where I really got to know my husband. I was recognized several times for awards and scholarships for my hard work in academics and athletics. It’s when I took that big leap to go to college and live on campus and learn to take care of myself. So much happened that year, and I will always cherish those memories.

My husband and I, are of the few, that would love to “go back” to high school for another year!

With all that said, it is a true honor to be asked to capture these seniors’ lives during their final year of high school. Capturing the joy and the memories and creating a place for them to make new friends. Not only is it memories for the seniors but also for the parents. To have all these images to look back on and hold close as they watch their babies head off to do big things!

This job is truly an honor.

So to highlight the incredible seniors that have trusted me to capture those memories, here are some of my favorites from the past year! Not only does it include those that are seniors right now but also the ones who graduated in June! Those that are already experiencing that next exciting stage in their lives.
This year may be quite different for those college freshmen or high school years, but it will still be memories to look back on years from now! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this incredible time in your lives!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

five senior girls jumping in the air arms high smiling in their christmas sweaters at hingeworks girls enjoying an ice cream social with colorful pastel balloon display in the background girl turned smiling with skirt blowing in wind among evergreen tree row at overlook park senior girl smiling at camera in field of wildflowers on a sunny evening senior girl smiling looking over left shoulder towards lake with colorful fall trees and boats behind her five girls seated next to one another looking and smiling at each other with christmas decorations in background girl leaning against rustic white barn and near field of wildflowers on sunny evening three senior girls walking towards camera with arms interlocked smiling with sunny tree row behind them senior girls standing along tree row in field of wildflowers on sunny summer evening girl standing on brick walkway surrounded by plants and trees smiling at camera with hands on hips senior guy leaning against stone barn smiling with hands in pockets wearing baseball hat senior girl turned looking over left shoulder and tilting back smiling on sunny summer evening in field senior girl walking on stone path along historic home smiling wearing summer dress senior girl leaning against wall and hiding behind cupcake smiling at the camera by white wall girls standing close blowing fake snow out of their cupped hands towards the camera at hingeworks girl turned looking over left shoulder with arms bent touching her face smiling by colorful lake girl walking along rustic white barn in grass smiling at camera in lancaster pennsyvlania senior girls walking towards camera smiling with bright sunshine and trees behind them girl walking among treelined path looking over right shoulder smiling at overlook park girls back to back and smiling at camera in wildflower field on sunny evening senior girl on brick walkway in front of modern barn with legs crossed in lancaster pennsylvania girls along pathway with arms bent towards face looking away from camera on sunny evening senior guy leaning against tree trunk arms folded wearing baseball hat in beautiful park senior girls smiling at camera and leaning against white doorway wearing summer dresses senior girl looking over right shoulder smiling holding onto her orange graduation gown at hingeworks senior girls wearing sweater and jeans smiling with christmas tree behind them senior girl glancing over right shoulder smiling at camera behind willow tree in lancaster pennsylvania senior girl sitting along rocky bank smiling at camera by lake in lancaster pennsylvania girls back to back looking at each other smiling by trees and flowers on summer evening four senior girls facing one another smiling with bright sunshine peeking through trees behind them senior girls standing in wildflower grassy field smiling with sun shining through evergreen trees behind them girl facing rustic barn door and tree looking back over left shoulder smiling in lancaster pennsylvania senior girls posing smiling at the camera during senior spokesmodel photo shoot girl touching left shoulder looking over it standing in wildflower field on sunny evening at overlook park senior guy crouched towards ground in grass field and senior girl standing along elaborate gate senior girl smiling walking along colorful fall treelined lake on sunny fall evening five senior girls standing close celebrating behind cloud of fake snow at hingeworks senior girls smiling at camera arms crossed angled away from camera on sunny evening three senior girls hugging and smiling behind confetti along white wall with balloons at hingeworks



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Ice Cream Social Senior Session at Hingeworks

Sunlit Summer Senior Spokesmodel Session at Lancaster County Central Park


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