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Spring Senior Spokesmodel Shoot at Overlook Park

May 13, 2021

Where has the year gone? The school year that is!

The month of May really only means one thing. High school classes are wrapping up, and finals are being prepped for. The end of the school year is coming. Another senior class is getting ready to graduate.

To toss their caps into the air and move their tassels to the other side.

Futures are being laid out. Dorm items are being purchased. Plans are being made to celebrate their final summer before college. This is such a bittersweet time for me. I am so proud of each of my senior spokesmodels for what all they have accomplished during their high school years, but I’m also excited for what’s to come.

Each one made a name for themselves.

Some are going to study law. While others are double majoring. The list of their achievements are endless. As much as I’m ecstatic, I am also sad. I get to know these girls so well throughout their senior year, and when it comes to an end, so does our year together.

The friendships we build, and they build among each other, are strong.

Each time, we get together it is nonstop laughter and good conversation. This session, I had so many ideas for photos, but as I just looked around and saw the girls joking and getting along so well, I just let the agenda go. I wanted them to be able to really catch up. Hear what each other was up to. How their sports teams were doing. How their classes were going. That was what was important to me.

Trust me, we got incredible photos.

But those friendships and experiences are really what this team is all about. Knowing they are walking away with five new friends (including me…lol!!) is most important! We still have the cap and gown session which I am so excited about! I can’t wait to share where each of them have committed to going for college! Until then, enjoy some of my favorites from our spring, balloon-filled session!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

five senior girls standing close together in tall grasses wearing white, light pink, and peach spring dresses senior girls standing close with arms wrapped around one another in tall grasses with trees and sun behind them at overlook park close up of senior girls facing each other holding forearms smiling in front of trees in lancaster pennsylvania senior girls posing and smiling while holding extra large pink and clear helium balloons senior girl in peach colored dress holding two large clear balloons standing in tall grass at overlook park senior girls posing with hands on hips and looking over left shoulder with sun setting in background on spring evening senior spokesmodel holding two large balloons in each hand and looking up at them at overlook park senior spokesmodels glancing over right shoulders smiling while standing in tall green grass field with sunset behind them senior spokesmodel turned to her right and holding four large balloons up high and looking at them at overlook park senior spokesmodels in white dresses holding extra large balloons in grassy field by trees in lancaster pennsylvania senior girl leaning against wooden fence with arms bent and raising up on sunny night at overlook park senior girls leaning against wooden fence in pink and peach dresses and smiling at park five senior girls walking in a row chatting and each holding large balloon at overlook park five senior girls standing close and laughing while each holding large balloon on sunny evening in lancaster pennsylvania



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  1. […] Spring Senior Spokesmodel Shoot at Overlook Park […]

  2. […] Spring Senior Spokesmodel Shoot at Overlook Park […]

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