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Beach Engagement Session in Bay Head

May 6, 2021

Sandy Beach. Cool Breeze. Calm Waves. The perfect setting for a beach engagement session in Bay Head, NJ.

Jt and Rory’s whole relationship has been centered around the beach. From meeting at a bar they both worked at by the beach to taking several vacations along the shore, and even living minutes from it, these two are no stranger to the sand. They are even having their ceremony on the beach!

So it was the perfect backdrop for their engagement session as well.

I was not complaining at all by their choice of locations. I love the beach but really only go once throughout a year. So I was soaking up every ounce of the salty air! I have to say, sunsets on the beach may be my new favorite thing.
Sadly, We seriously did not have enough time for their session! Only two blocks from the beach was the bay side of Bay Head. I think I could have done an entire session just there. Then, as the sun set lower behind the trees, we headed over to the beach to end the session. Beautiful blues filled the sky and complemented their outfits perfectly!

Seriously, wait till you see them!

We ended the night with a little fun on their bikes. It was a perfect representation of the two of them and their relationship! They are constantly riding around along the beach and stopping at different places to eat. So having them at the session was a must! Can all engagement sessions have cute bikes?

Jt and Rory are seriously the best.

So down to earth but always up for an adventure. I loved getting to know you two even more, and I’m so excited to be back in the area for your wedding at The Columns next year. It was also incredible getting a chance to meet your family! They were all so sweet, and I can’t wait to see them again at the wedding. Who knows, maybe I’ll run into them again at an ice cream shop before then 🙂 Let them know I say hi and that it was great to meet them! I am so excited to be on this journey with you two as you plan the perfect wedding on the sand. It will be a first to shoot a wedding with my shoes off, but I am so here for it!

Bring on all the salty air and sand between my toes!

Hopefull, there will be more beach sessions to share with you all until then, but there will at least be some again hitting my blog in September 2022.

Hope you can survive until then!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

guy leans against tree as he kisses girl along the bay head harbor in new jersey on spring evening couple looking at one another smiling next to two beach bikes and a beautiful gray beach house in new jersey guy hugs girl from behind as they both smile looking away from camera along the water in bay head woman wraps arms around guy's right arm as he kisses her on the top of her head along the sandy beach in new jersey man lifting woman off the sand as she kicks back her heels and they kiss in bay head couple snuggles tightly along shoreline with women in floral dress and guy in white button up shirt and khaki shorts woman snuggles in tightly by man as they sit in the sandy dunes of bay head new jersey on a sunny evening woman close to her man looking back over her left shoulder smiling and showing off her stunning engagement ring couple on beach as woman looks back over left shoulder smiling at camera and guy smiles at her couple standing closely kissing with guy in dark blue shirt and khaki shorts and woman in long white dress close up photo of woman's hands wrapped around guy's right arm and showing off diamond engagement ring in bay head woman snuggling against guy's right arm and both are smiling on sunny evening along the bay couple sitting on wooden bench next to harbor looking at each other and smiling on sunny evening in new jersey guy kissing woman on top of her head as she smiles looking over right shoulder behind blooming spring tree along the water couple standing beside tall grasses in bay head with guy behind girl and kissing her on top of her head as she looks down man twirls woman under his left arm as she holds out her long white dress along tree row next to bay couple walking along bay head harbor tall grasses and row of trees holding hands and smiling couple hugging tightly and smiling next to blooming spring trees next to bay head harbor couple looking at each other on sunny evening in new jersey next to bay head harbor and smiling



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