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King and Queen Seat Engagement Session

Apr 22, 2021

To say their King and Queen Seat Engagement Session was adventurous would be an understatement!

Rachel and Mitch absolutely love hiking. Really anything outdoors is what they prefer to do together whenever they can. Hikes. Watching sunsets. Walking around Philadelphia. These are just a few of their favorite things to do together.

Almost every time, it always includes being outdoors.

So when the question came up about their engagement session location, Rachel knew they wanted it to be somewhere that a hike was involved. In the end, instead of just doing one hike during their session, we actually did two hikes for two different location spots!

They were both totally worth the walk!

When Rachel shared these two new locations to me, I was ecstatic! The King and Queen Seat had been on my bucket list for a session for awhile, so when she mentioned it, I was completely onboard! It is a beautiful overlook spot created by huge rocks that jut out from the hill!

The views were gorgeous, and the shots were epic!

I love incorporating things my couple loves into their session! Sure, the session is for us to get to know each other and for  my couple to feel comfortable in front of my camera, but the main thing is for them to have photos that represent their love and who they are.

This King and Queen Seat Engagement Session did exactly that.

But the best part, we did an entirely different location for the first half of the session! To start, we headed to Kilgore Falls for some shots all around the water fall. We were above it, below it, and even in it! These two were willing to do anything I threw at them. Even getting into the freezing cold water!

My couples are literally the best!

My favorite thing of all, though, was having the time to chat with them and really get to know them! During all the hikes, the conversation just kept flowing. We talked about photography, as Rachel is a fellow photographer. We chatted about a trip Mitch had just come back from. In the end, we really got to know each other, and they became more than just clients.

A friendship was created!

Rachel and Mitch, thank you for taking me on the adventure! For being totally up for anything I said! This will definitely be an engagement session to remember! You two are naturals in front of the camera and amazing people! I have loved getting to know you, and I can’t wait to continue to learn more! Why does your wedding have to be so far away? We may just have to get together in between…just because! So until then, or July 2022 at the latest, I hope these photos can hold you over until we meet again! I hope they bring back all the laughs and memories you shared that evening! I know they have for me!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

girl leaning against guy as he looks at her and she looks off into the distance engaged couple hugging tightly on large rock in woods looking at camera in northern maryland bride to be looking over right shoulder as guy kisses her left temple at rocks state park holding hands guy leads girl down large boulder as she flares out her white dress near kilgore falls engaged couple smiling with girl in white dress and guy in light blue shirt and khaki pants couple facing each other holding hands on large rock almost kissing surrounded by trees in maryland guy dips girl back as he kisses her on large rock with tree growing crooked beside them at rocks state park woman on left and man on right as he hugs her tightly by kilgore falls couple hugging tightly as girl smiles at camera and guy rests his nose against her left cheek by kilgore falls couple hugging with backs toward camera standing on large rock by kilgore falls in northern maryland couple hugs smiling at the camera with kilgore falls and large downed tree behind them guy twirls girl in white dress while both stand in the water of susquehanna river engaged couple kissing as guy gently holds girl's neck on overcast evening at rocks state park couple kissing while showing off engagement ring resting on guy's right shoulder engaged couple standing close on large rock on left side of photo with forest behind them at rocks state park engagement ring resting on the king and queen's seat in northern maryland guy hugs girl wearing flowy floral dress she's flaring out atop the king and queen's seat couple standing close atop the king and queen's seat at rocks state park guy kissing girl's right temple as she smiles and looks down with forest behind them at rocks state park engaged couple atop the king and queen's seat with forest behind them on spring evening


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  2. Rose Aglieco says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the photos as much as I loved your description of the photography session!
    Congratulations to Rachel and Mitch!

    • Heather Leicy says:

      Hi Rose!
      Thank you so much for the sweet comments! It was an amazing session with Rachel and Mitch!

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