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Fairytale Lauxmont Farms Wedding

Oct 13, 2021

Fairytale Lauxmont Farms Wedding

This fairytale Lauxmont Farms wedding was one for the books and holds a special place in my heart. As soon as a couple officially books with me, they become part of the family.

Once an HMP Couple, always an HMP Couple.

However, Alex and Erin may have had a slight leg up on joining the family. Growing up, Alex basically felt like family to me. His sister is one of my best friends, so I was always over at their house hanging out. Plus, I often referred to their parents as my second parents. From family dinners to countless sleepovers, they couldn’t get rid of me. Needless to say, I grew up with Alex over the years!

Oh, the stories I could tell.

Alex is such a goofball. Always quick to make a joke or break out in a funny face. You always know there will never be a dull moment around him. For some, it may be a lot, but for Erin it perfectly complements her. She can easily break out in a silly face competition, or she can get him on track and focused when needed. She loves every side of him, no matter the quirks.

It’s a perfect combination!

One thing I have absolutely loved seeing from Alex in his younger years compared to today is the love that exudes from him whenever he is around Erin. Always wrapping his arms around her. Giving her a kiss on the cheek or forehead. Grabbing her hand. It doesn’t matter, he just wants to show his love for her.

All the time!

It is the sweetest thing to watch. Plus, on their wedding day, I could basically stand back and just let them be themselves and get endless amounts of photos during their bride and groom portraits. It was seriously so special! I love when a couple’s unique relationship shines through.

Theirs was apparent in several ways on their day!

Erin and Alex decided to change things up slightly compared to the typical wedding day. Instead of just doing a private first look, they invited their close family to join in on the moment. In addition, they read personal vows to one another in front of them all, so they could hold them accountable for years to come. It was a first for me, but I loved how intimate it was. Plus, you get to basically celebrate your marriage twice!! After the intimate ceremony, they did the full one with all their guests out on the beautiful lawn at the Japanese Gardens at Lauxmont Farms.

It was a real life fairytale!

The sun was tucked behind a soft layer of clouds. Giving off the perfect glow for photos. The rolling hills over look the river below was just breathtaking. It is a perfect moment. Everyone fully engulfed in the happiness and commitments of the day!

This is one I will not easily forget

Erin, welcome officially to the Sload household. I know they will all take incredible care of you because they did to me. She easily fit right in and brings so much joy to the group! I have loved getting to know you and seeing your relationship with Alex constantly grow! I know this isn’t the end of me seeing you, so until next time!! I hope you enjoy these photos from your special day. I know it is bringing me so much happiness inside as I flip through them!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

wedding rings on display atop beautifully engraved metal and glass ring box wedding invitation displayed by pearl necklaces, ring box, and other details at york pennsylvania wedding bride putting her right earring on as she smiles and looks off into the distance in bridal suite bride sharing special moment with her grandmother in bridal suite as they smile and hold hands at lauxmont farms bride sharing a first look with her father and hugging him in bridal suite groom surrounded by four groomsmen on sidewalk with their hands folded in front of them at lauxmont farms groom buttoning his dress shirt and looking off in distance smiling groom sitting in white chair and leaning in towards camera smiling inside white tent at lauxmont farms groom's mom placing his boutonniere on his navy blue suit coat outside at venue groom and groomsmen all in navy blue suits walking casually towards camera and looking at each other at lauxmont farms groom smiling with his four groomsmen around him standing outdoors at lauxmont farms in york pennsylvania bride surrounded by her four bridesmaids huddled together with their white floral bouquets in front of them in grass field at lauxmont farms bride and bridesmaids all with their backs toward camera and their florals wrapped around back of them on cloudy day bride in white strapless dress with bridesmaids wearing gray long dresses looking at each other at lauxmont farms close up photo of white floral bouquets filled with white flowers and eucalyptus at lauxmont farms groom watching in anticipation as he sees his bride coming at outdoor ceremony by stone wall and trees couple sharing their first kiss as husband and wife at outdoor ceremony at lauxmont farms couple surrounded by bridal party in grass field on cloudy day at lauxmont farms in wrightsville pennsylvania bride and groom walking towards camera with bridal party behind them also walking in field at lauxmont farms bride and groom kissing surrounded by cheering bridal party in grass field at lauxmont farms groom hugging bride from behind as they both smile and she holds beautiful bouquet on cloudy fall day outdoor wedding ceremony with rows of white chairs and beautiful floral archway out in grass field at lauxmont farms bride holding gorgeous bouquet filled with a variety of white flowers and eucalyptus on overcast fall day in grass field groom hugging his bride as her white veil blows in the breeze as they stand in wide open grass field at lauxmont farms close up photo of bride looking down and smiling at her gorgeous floral bouquet while standing in grass field on cloudy daygroom holding the edge of his navy blue suit coat and smiling standing out in wide open grass field at lauxmont farms groom holding edge of suit coat with right hand as he walks towards camera on cloudy fall daybride and groom standing close together on large rocks with foreheads touching surrounded by trees at lauxmont farms bride and groom standing on large rocks and kissing as she holds floral bouquet groom twirling bride under his right arm as they stand on large rocks at lauxmont farms bride's father walking her down the aisle at outdoor wedding ceremony on cloudy day in central pennsylvania bride and groom holding hands during outdoor wedding ceremony with guests watching on cloudy day at lauxmont farms groom dipping bride back as he kisses her during wedding ceremony under floral archway on cloudy day white tent reception decorated with white tables and chairs and huge floral masterpiece hanging from ceiling at lauxmont farms bride and groom walking down pathway and stopping for a kiss on cloudy fall day in central pennsylvania bride and groom holding hands walking towards camera on tree-lined pathway at lauxmont farms close up photo of bride's rings as she holds white floral bouquet on wedding day close up photo of bride's left hand with wedding rings resting on groom's left arm at lauxmont farms bride hugging groom from behind as they both smile and he looks back at her along stone path groom leaning against wooden fence as he kisses his bride with dress train displayed behind her groom hugging bride from behind as he kisses the right side of her head standing under tree branch at lauxmont farms bride and groom standing close together by classic antique sportscar parked outside home at lauxmont farms bride and groom standing close together and smiling by antique white car with black racing stripes along driveway and trees bride and groom walking towards camera looking at each other with antique car behind them at lauxmont farms bride and groom praying before the meal at reception at their small beautifully decorated table inside white tent groom dipping bride back as they kiss leaving reception surrounded by guests holding sparklers at lauxmont farms in york pennsylvania


The Amazing Vendor Team:

Wedding Planner | Sabrina Witmer

Wedding Dress | David’s Bridal

Bridesmaid’s Dress | Etsy

Groom’s Attire | Men’s Wearhouse

Groomsmen’s Attire | Men’s Wearhouse

Florist | Petals with Style

DJ | Complete Weddings + Events

Videographer | Complete Weddings + Events

Hair Stylist | Mrs. Ida King

Caterer | Mission BBQ

Venue | Lauxmont Farms Weddings


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