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Rustic Barn on Bridge Wedding

Oct 7, 2021

Rustic Barn on Bridge Wedding.

The question is, can you keep up? Confused why I’m asking that to start my blog. You should be. The simple answer is Michael Saalfrank. Michael is one of the wittiest guys I know. Quick to make a joke.

Skilled at making anyone laugh.

But the trick about him is, he does it when you least expect it. To start, Michael is a pretty quiet, chill guy that just goes with the flow. But once he feels comfortable around you, he definitely lets his guard down! Then it’s joke after joke, and your cheeks just instantly start hurting from laughing so much! Then it will calm down for a little, until you least expect another to come again!

He definitely keeps you on your toes!

This theme came up several times throughout this rustic Barn on Bridge wedding day. I had witnessed a little of it at Leann and Mike’s engagement session, but that was only an hour and a half. Nothing compared to a full day of jokes with him. As soon as I walked in to the space he was getting ready at, he was cracking a joke with one of his groomsmen. Then throughout the day, several people warned me to watch out for him.

It even popped up in several of the toasts throughout the night.

But the person the warned me the most, was his now WIFE! Leann absolutely loves his sarcastic side, but she always makes sure to warn you that it’s coming! Mike knows how to always make Leann laugh!

It’s what makes their relationship so special!

He always does it for her. To see that smile come across her face is the thing that brings him joy each day. Like I mentioned, when you first meet Mike, he is somewhat shy, but it doesn’t take long for him to open up and make sure that Leann is always laughing. Their relationship is truly so special to watch! They know how to make each other laugh, but the best part is they also know how to be there for each other, and all the ones they love! So many times people brought up how thoughtful Leann and Mike are. Friends always know they can count on them. Family members always love having them around.

It is the perfect combination in a relationship!

Leann and Mike, it has been an honor to get to know the two of you! I can easily see those traits so strong in each of you! Even in the minimal amount of time we’ve had together. I am so honored to call you two friends and watch your marriage grow stronger each day! I have a feeling it is going to be a great one! Give all the hugs to the pups for me, and I can’t wait to see you two again soon! I’ll be ready for all the laughs. Until then, I hope you enjoy reliving your special day over and over again through some of my favorites belong!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

wedding invitation cards displayed with bright orange roses and bride's shoes silver wedding rings displayed atop mint green with small white polka dots jewelry box in collegeville pennsylvania bride's neutral shoes surrounded by orange roses and bride's bouquet filled with orange and white roses mother of the bride buttoning up the back of bride's white sleeveless wedding gown in collegeville pennsylvania bride in white wedding gown with her maid of honor in muted green sleeveless gown in collegeville pennsylvania best man helping to attach boutonniere to groom's black suit coat on sunny fall day father of the bride walking bride down the aisle of their catholic church wedding ceremony bride and groom kissing at the end of aisle as they're leaving wedding ceremony and guests are turned around watching them in collegeville pennsylvania bride surrounded by her eight bridesmaids wearing muted green floor-length gowns holding bouquets in montgomery county pennsylvania bride and bridesmaids all leaning in towards camera holding bouquets on sunny fall day outdoors in eastern pennsylvania bride and bridesmaids all looking at and talking to one another with tall trees behind them on sunny fall day bride and bridesmaids all holding orange and white bouquets walking towards camera in collegeville pennsylvania groom holding edge of his black suit coat and smiling at camera on sunny fall day groom looking over left shoulder with groomsmen behind him as they all are walking towards camera in collegeville pennsylvania groom holding edge of suit coat with right hand and walking towards camera on sunny fall day in pennsylvania bride and groom each holding the red leashes of their two dogs who are dressed for the wedding in montgomery county pennsylvania bride and groom standing outdoors holding the leashes of their two dogs and smiling at the camera on sunny day bride and groom each holding one of their dogs as everyone is looking at the camera and smiling in collegeville pennsylvania bride in sleeveless white wedding gown with long white veil holding bouquet filled with orange and white roses bride holding bouquet and surrounded by her blowing veil as she looks down and smiles in collegeville pennsylvania


The Amazing Vendor Team:

Wedding Cake | The Master’s Baker

Wedding Dress | Country Bride & Gent

Bridesmaid’s Dress | All Things Bridal

Groom’s Attire | Men’s Wearhouse

Groomsmen’s Attire | Men’s Wearhouse

Florist | Risher Van Horn

DJ | Pat + Sean Kelly

Hair Stylist | Celia Elyse

Makeup Artist | With Beauty & Grace

Caterer | Robert Ryan Catering & Designs

Venue | Barn on Bridge



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  1. Karyn says:

    Beautiful pictures make for a beautiful memory! Thank you Heather and team. What a great job you did for Leann and Mike capturing this!

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