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Lancaster County Park Senior Session

Oct 29, 2021

Lancaster County Park Senior Session

I can’t express to you how excited I was for this Lancaster County Park senior session. I have never had a guy on my spokesmodel team, let alone apply, until this year. Josh’s application came through, and after reading it, I knew he had to be on the team. I loved that he wanted to put himself out there and try something new.

He is definitely paving a new way for my team!

I seriously can’t wait to see who follows in his footsteps. Leading up to our first spokesmodel group session, I was a little nervous how it would go. Only one guy. I didn’t want him to feel left out or awkward. I don’t know why I even worried because it wasn’t the case at all! Josh instantly jumped into the conversations and got along with the whole team right away. I shouldn’t have worried one bit.

He can get along with anyone so well!

From then, I was looking forward until I could have his personal senior session. He was doing so amazing at all the group sessions that I just wanted to get him a ton of photos for his senior year. This guy has quite the model face! And when he chose Lancaster County Park as his location and said he trusted me with wherever I thought the best locations were, I was even more excited!

I knew it was going to be an amazing session!

My husband was able to come along to this session, and I’m so glad he did. I love just listening to my seniors talk about their hobbies or what makes them passionate. Joel and Josh could have talked about Eagle Scouts and wood working until the cows came home! Josh is currently doing college classes already at the college that Joel attended. Such an overachiever!

I’m so proud to have him represent my business!

Josh is currently going for cabinet making and is completely finished with his high school classes. It is so incredible. The only thing he has left in high school is the play and musical that he is a part of every year. Let me tell you, he is good! I went to the musical last year to support one of my other spokesmodels and didn’t realize he was in it until he joined my team this year. But he did so amazing, and I love to see the passion he has for the arts!

Josh is such a well-rounded person. Already!

Super social. Active in his school. Talented. And just all around fun! He is definitely someone you want to know. Josh, thank you for taking the leap and applying for the team! I am seriously so honored to have you as a part of it! You bring so much to it! I can’t wait to see where the rest of this year takes you, plus the years to follow! You have already done so much, so I know there are so many bright things ahead. I’m so glad I get to call you a friend. You know I’ll be cheering for you always!

Enjoy some of my favorites!!!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

senior guy standing along conestoga river on dried leaves with hands in his pockets smiling at lancaster county park senior guy wearing unbuttoned flannel shirt with black shirt underneath and blue jeans looking over right shoulder smiling male senior spokesmodel crouching down with elbows on knees and hands together on dry leaves by river at lancaster county park on fall day senior guy walking towards camera on dried leaves smiling looking over his left shoulder with colorful fall leaves and river behind him close up of senior guy with arms folded looking left barely smiling with river and fall trees behind him at lancaster county park senior guy standing along river with his back to river and hand in jeans pocket on colorful cloudy fall day senior guy wearing tan long-sleeved t-shirt and blue jeans standing in dried out tall wild grasses in lancaster county senior guy sitting among tall dried out wild grasses with his right arm resting on bent right knee on sunny fall evening senior guy leaning against historic stone building barely smiling on sunny fall day at lancaster county park senior guy leaning against stone building with his right hand on left forearm smiling with bright sunlight behind him senior guy sitting on green grass leaning back against old stone building with left arm resting on bent left knee in lancaster pennsylvania senior guy standing in tall wild brown grasses with hands in pockets looking right and smiling on sunny fall evening senior guy wearing white henley shirt and blue jeans with arms folded smiling at camera with dried out wild grasses surrounding him at lancaster county park senior guy standing among tall wild fall grasses with his thumbs in his pockets looking towards the right on sunny fall evening senior guy walking towards the right looking back over left shoulder with left arm bent among wild grasses on sunny evening at lancaster county park senior guy crouching down among dried out tall wild grasses on sunny evening smiling at camera senior guy walking in green grass along edge of dried out wild grasses smiling at lancaster county park senior guy wearing unbuttoned dark flannel shirt with tan shirt underneat and gray pants walking toward camera close up of senior guy smiling at camera wearing flannel shirt with hands in pockets at lancaster county park senior guy leaning against tall tree with dried pine needles blanketing the grass on fall evening senior guy facing his right with right knee slightly bent and flannel shirt held with right hand draped over right shoulder in lancaster pennsylvania senior guy walking towards camera with right hand in pocket and dried wild grasses behind him on sunny fall evening


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