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Sunset Pinnacle Overlook Engagement Session

Oct 27, 2021

Sunset Pinnacle Overlook Engagement Session

Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year. The weather is just perfect (especially for a girl who sweats so easily). The fall colors are vibrant. It’s just a magical time of year. Oh, and sunsets are somehow a little extra special during this time of year, too.

All these things were on point for this sunset Pinnacle Overlook engagement session.

Alaina and Adam wanted an outdoor, adventurous feel to their engagement session. Being outside and exploring new places is one of their favorite things to do together. So it was a perfect backdrop to show off their love. As soon as they saw Pinnacle Overlook, they were in love. They couldn’t get enough of the views and the beautiful landscape around them.

Their eyes instantly lit up!

I love all the little treasure locations around Lancaster County and watching as people get to see them for the first time. This job has allowed me to explore so much more and find new secret spots. On top of the beautiful sites, they had the perfect evening, in terms of weather, too. Not too hot or cold, and not a cloud in the sky. It was honestly the best evening I have ever had at that location.

Just magical!

But, above all else, Alaina and Adam are the absolute cutest people around. Alaina’s smile is so contagious, and it seriously just lights up the room. Looking back through these favorites, I couldn’t help but instantly start smiling as I see her light up every time she looks over at Adam.

She is so happy around him.

I can say the exact same thing for Adam, too. I don’t know what it is, but the way he looks at her, you can just tell how smitten he is for her. Truly just in love and willing to do whatever to make her smile. It’s a perfect combination. I can’t help but be so thankful that they chose me as their photographer.

Feeling so blessed!

They were actually guests at one of my earlier weddings this year, Renee and Brian’s. Check out that blog post here. I didn’t get to meet them that day, but I’m so glad I made an impression because I would have definitely missed out on an incredible couple to have in my HMP family! Once we had our initial chat, I totally went back through the reception photos of that wedding to find them, and instantly, I did. The same big smiles were on each of their faces while dancing together on the dance for.

Their love radiates out of them!

I can’t wait to see that happiness shine through when it’s their wedding day next year at the beautiful Manor at Mountain View! It is going to be all smiles, and I’m just so excited to capture every moment! It is going to be beautiful because they absolutely nailed their sunset Pinnacle Overlook engagement session. I can’t wait for August 2022!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engaged couple hugging tightly on right side of photo with colorful fall trees behind them at pinnacle park in holtwood pennsylvania woman wearing long black dress with her arms wrapped around her man's right arm with him wearing maroon button up shirt and blue jeans engaged couple hugging tightly with noses touching as they smile on right side of photo on fall day at pinnacle point park engaged couple holding hands and looking at each other as they walk towards camera on sunny fall evening girl with her arms wrapped around guy's right arm as they look at each other and smile by colorful trees in holtwood pennsylvania engaged couple with backs toward camera holding hands as girl looks back at camera smiling by colorful fall trees at pinnacle point guy twirling girl under his right arm on bright fall day at pinnacle point overlook with susquehanna river behind and below them girl standing slightly behind guy with her hands wrapped around his right arm as they smile looking off into distance on fall day engaged couple hugging on right side of photo with guy's back toward camera and girl looking at camera smiling at pinnacle overlook engaged couple hugging tightly at pinnacle point overlook with susquehanna river behind them on bright fall day in lancaster county engaged couple holding hands smiling at camera with susquehanna river behind them at pinnacle point overlook in lancaster pennsylvania diamond engagement ring resting in greenery on sunny fall day in pennsylvania engaged couple hugging with noses touching on sunny fall day at pinnacle point in lancaster county pennsylvania couple sitting on large rocks with girl wearing dark green sweatshirt and jeans and guy wearing flannel shirt and jeans on fall day engaged couple standing atop large boulder with trees behind them as girl has hands wrapped around guy's right arm and she looks right in holtwood pennsylvania woman hugging man from behind as she smiles at him and they're standing on large rock with river below them in background girl hugging guy from behind with her arms around his waist atop large rock on fall day at pinnacle point park engaged couple hugging and smiling at each other atop large rocks surrounded by colorful fall tress by river at pinnacle point guy hugging girl from behind atop large rock hill with susquehanna river behind and below them at pinnacle overlook in holtwood pennsylvania couple standing close with girl resting her left hand on guy's chest with their noses touching and eyes closed on colorful fall day engaged couple sitting atop large rock with their legs extended toward camera and they look towards the right with colorful leaves behind them at pinnacle point guy sitting behind girl with his arms wrapped around her and his face against hers as she smiles at pinnacle point overlook


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