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Fall Pinnacle Point Overlook Engagement Session

Oct 26, 2021

Fall Pinnacle Point Overlook Engagement Session

It’s starting to happen!! The moment I have been anticipating for awhile and hoping I get lucky enough to do it in my business. What am I talking about you may ask? Well, this fall Pinnacle Point Overlook engagement session may just be the best clue!

Look very closely!

Does anything jump out at you? Does anyone look familiar? Think 2020-ish! If you said that the girl looked familiar you are pretty much right on! I can officially say that I have been blessed to photograph one of my 2020 bride’s sister’s wedding next year.

I can’t wait!!!

Christine met me last year in September at her sister’s wedding. Do the names Emily and Wilder ring a bell? Here is a link to their gorgeous wedding day! Christine was so sweet, and I loved getting to know her and hanging out with her during the wedding day. I knew she had a boyfriend at the time, so in the back of my head, I wondered if I would get asked to do her wedding. It’s always a thought! You get to know people, and you hope it isn’t just that day and then done. So when I saw on social media that she got engaged, I was so excited for her!

But the best part?

She reached out a couple days after to see if I was available and willing to travel! The answer was an absolute YES!! I was so excited to start the journey with Christine and her fiancé, Shane. If they were anything like Emily and Wilder, I knew it was going to be just as amazing. And so far? It has been incredible! We did their engagement session at Pinnacle Point Overlook, and it was stunning! Not a cloud in the sky and a beautiful, crisp fall day.

Couldn’t ask for anything better.

Christine and Shane were naturals in front of the camera. Plus, they instantly felt like old friends. I loved that I already knew them to a degree, and we could just pick up right where we left off! Plus, we have already established that a double date night will be in our near future, filled with good food and card games!

I seriously am so blessed!

Christine and Shane, I can’t wait to make the journey up your way for your Bayview House wedding next year. I am so excited to finally go to Long Island, plus see all of your family again! It is going to be the absolute best day. And now that I have seen how amazing you two are in front of the camera (just wait till you all scroll through these favorites), I can’t wait to see what photos come from your wedding day! I can already tell it is going to be incredible!

Let the countdown beginning!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engaged couple hugging and looking at each other smiling on large rock with trees behind them on sunny day at pinnacle point engaged couple hugging with guy wearing red flannel shirt with khaki pants and girl wearing white dress on sunny fall day engaged couple hugging with their foreheads touching and their eyes closed with bright trees behind them at pinnacle point in holtwood pennsylvania couple standing on large rock with girl wrapping her arms around guy's right arm and resting her cheek on his shoulder engaged couple standing on large rock with their backs towards camera and their heads touching as the sun shines on them in holtwood pennsylvania engaged couple standing close with guy's nose resting on left side of girl's head on sunny fall day with trees in background guy hugging girl tightly and resting his forehead against her as she smiles at looks at camera on fall day at pinnacle point in lancaster pennsylvania guy hugging girl from behind with her holding onto his arms wrapped around her as they smile on sunny bright fall day in pennsylvania engaged couple hugging and kissing atop large rock at pinnacle point with susquehanna river and hills below them in background in holtwood pennsylvania engaged couple sitting on large rock with guy smiling at camera and girl smiling at him with river behind them couple standing on rock with guy wrapped his arms around girl's back on sunny fall day atop pinnacle overlook by susquehanna river engaged couple hugging as girl smiles and looks at camera with the couple wearing sweaters and jeans on fall day couple hugging and kissing atop pinnacle point with colorful fall leaving and river behind them in lancaster county pennsylvania couple holding hands and walking toward camera with river behind them on sunny fall day engaged couple standing close with their hands held between them as they smile and look at each other on fall day at pinnacle overlook in pennsylvania guy leaning against colorful fall tree with girl leaning against him as they look at each other at pinnacle point overlook on sunny day guy dipping girl back and kissing her in grass atop pinnacle overlook with susquehanna river behind them on fall day


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