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Behind the Scenes 2021

Jan 27, 2022

Behind the Scenes 2021

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a year 2021 was – 21 incredible weddings! 11 new seniors for my 2022 Spokesmodel Team! Tons of unbelievable engagement sessions! And I officially went full-time in my photography business!!

The list goes on and on!

I seriously wish I could sit and write out every incredible moment that happened last year, but we would honestly be here FOREVER! I wouldn’t know where to start or end. Every single one of my couples and seniors is just amazing, and I am so beyond thankful for another incredible year!

So instead of writing it all out, let’s have a little fun and dive into my Behind the Scenes 2021 version!

Get ready for some hilarious faces, memorable moments, and the incredible people that help me make sure every session runs perfectly!

I can’t thank you all enough!

This year, I had the honor of having five incredible women as my second shooters, and I got to second shoot for two amazing ladies as well! In addition, my fantastic studio manager is always killing it behind the scenes to make sure every experience is top notch! And finally, my husband is truly the one who helps keep everything in line at home and allows me to have this incredible business that I love!

I don’t know where I would be without each of you!

So before I officially say goodbye to 2021, let’s bring you behind the scenes to see what really happens, on the other side of the camera! We are professional models, dress fluffers, bouquet fixers, and errand girls! We love every second of each task that falls under our umbrella! The point is…we will do what ever it takes to make your day that much more perfect!

All while getting ALL the shots to capture the day!

I want you to not only relive the moments in these photos but also really get to live IN. THE. MOMENT. On your wedding day! You deserve it. So while a smile is always on my face (because I am truly so happy to be doing this as my job), my second shooters are skilled at capturing me with some funny faces on as well. I hope you enjoy these behind the scenes!

Now let’s get ready for 2022!!

It’s going to be a fantastic one! I can already feel it!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

photographer capturing beautiful bride holding colorful fall bouquet by rustic wooden barn in york, pennsylvania

I absolutely love coming 30 minutes early on every wedding day just to take the time to say hi to everyone, because in reality I will have a camera to my face most of the day so I don’t miss a moment!
back of photographer as she is snapping photos of bride wearing long white veil and white gown by large wooden church doors back of photographer as she shoots photos of bride and groom standing by steps to front porch of historic gray stone house in southeastern pennsylvania

My couples seriously tell the best stories! We totally understand each other with all the hand gestures to explain things!
photographer on left side of photo laughing as bride as right hand on hip and groom tells expressive story at the barn at silverstone back of photographer as she snaps photos of bride with her bridesmaids on porch of barn property in pennsylvania before wedding ceremony photographer chatting with bride and groom on sunny day by white fence at the barn at silverstone in lancaster pennsylvania photographer snapping photos of bride and groom both wearing traditional Indian wedding attire as they stand on large rocks by lake photographer holding her camera as she chats with groom and bride as they stand by stone wall at folino estate

The moments in between when my second shooter catches me in mid-sentence…. or mid- dance move!
photographer holding her camera and gear and smiling and being silly on wedding day back of photographer as she snaps photo of backs of bride and groom as they smile and look at each other on sunny day photographer taking photos of groom and bride hugging by large tan barn doors at the silk mill on main in new holland pennsylvania photographer walking along front porch of home as groom follows behind her as they both are smiling in lancaster pennsylvania back of photographer towards camera as she's holding something small in her hand and groomsman and groom are laughing hysterically in lancaster pennsylvania I couldn’t do any of this without my incredible team of second shooters! Julia was my main girl for 2021 as well, but now I am so proud to say she is off on her own and killing it!
photographer smiling and posing for camera wearing black jumpsuit as she holds her camera photographer leaning across large wooden table inside library as she arranges objects on table on wedding day photographer smiling as she holds bride's extended veil in photo as groom dips bride back slightly by house at antrim 1844 in maryland photographer smiling for camera holding her camera and gear and standing outdoors on sunny wedding day

I am going to miss all of her incredible faces and modeling poses!
photographer smiling while squinting eyes closed and raising her face towards the sky on sunny day by brick building as she wears teal shirt and black pants

My other incredible second shooters for the year were Sandy, Christina, Abby, Jamie, and Debbie!photographer arranging brides veil and also the train of bride's gown before snapping photos of bride and groom on wedding day We even had a special little one join us for a wedding too! Can’t wait to meet you in real life soon!
photographer holding her pregnant belly and looking down at it as she stands on golf green at north jersey country club on sunny day photographer posing outside of building and smiling at camera as she holds her camera and gear two photographers posing for a silly candid moment as one holds bride's bouquet and the other holds camera inside wedding venue with stone walls photographer sitting behind table prepared for bride and groom for reception and smiling for camera as they take photos before reception begins with white backdrop and large floral display overhead back of bride towards camera with long train displayed on grass by gray barn in york pennsylvania as photographer adjusts bride's hair for photo  My hubby even had the honor of modeling for me a time or two. One of my couples specifically asked for him to stop by on their day because they just loved him so much! It truly melts my heart how much my couples become close friends with both Joel and I!!
male photographer holding camera and posing for photo by large wooden barn door inside wedding ceremony venue  We sure know how to toss a veil or a dress!! Don’t you worry!
photographer fluffing very long bridal veil bride is wearing and raising it into the air for perfect photo moment couple standing on golf green and chatting as photographer arranges bride's dress train perfectly at north jersey country club photographer wearing black romper photographs back of bride with her white dress train displayed on grass on sunny day couple surrounded by bridal party as they all look down at photographer who's adjusting bride's dress train in front of them in new jersey

Serious when it comes to staying on schedule, but endless smiles and laughter when it comes to celebrating my HMP Couples!
photographer candidly walking towards camera as she holds her camera over her right shoulder and looks right by stone building back of photographer as she snaps photos of bride and bridesmaids under wooden porch on wedding day My favorite part will always be the same day slideshow I get to surprise my couples and their families with during the reception!
photographer with wedding guests at tables during the indoor receptionEvery HMP Couple truly becomes family by the wedding day and I wouldn’t want it any other way! I can’t thank you all enough!
photographer hugging groom outside on lawn at the barn at silverstone in lancaster pennsylania Until next year y’all! Keep on smiling and busting out those dance moves!!
photographer striking a pose with right hand on hip and left hand on head by staircase at reception venue at nighttime


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