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Pennsylvania Wheat Field Engagement Session

Jun 1, 2023

A lot of fun can be had on 200 acres of farmland. Also, 90 minutes is nowhere close to enough time to capture all of its beauty!

This was the predicament I found myself in during Amanda and Steven’s Pennsylvania wheat field engagement session.

Rolling hills. Endless fields. Contagious love. What more could you ask for? How about adding in some puppy snuggles? Amanda and Steven brought along their two adorable pups, Daisy and Padme, to join in the fun. These two were so cute and listened so well! The puppy kisses they gave were the best. Extra sloppy. I loved that Amanda and Steven incorporated them into the session. It was a perfect time for an updated family photo.

The pups were cheesing hard!

The acres of land we explored during their session is extra special to Amanda. It’s actually the farm she grew up on! Other immediate family also live in the same area. The hill is actually coined “Bittner Hill” because their family owes so much of the land. How cool is that?! I love the tightness they all have together. When Amanda was little, she used to help her dad in the fields.

It was awesome listening to her talk about the farm, its layout, and the stories from her childhood.

How cool must it have been to grow up on a farm?

When she lived there, her family raised pigs. Also the coolest thing! Now she is about to marry a man whose favorite animal is a pig. It was meant to be! Crazy how things come full circle. Although, Amanda grew up with them, she definitely isn’t for owning a pet pig, even though Steven hopes one day that will change. For now, they will stick with their adorable puppies.

I feel like I could talk about these two for several more paragraphs!

I got to know them so well just during their Pennsylvania wheat field engagement session! They have so many exciting things coming after their wedding in July 2023 at the beautiful Barn at Silverstone. More about that in their wedding blog, so stay tuned! Until then, enjoy some of my absolute favorites and let the countdown begin.

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engaged couple holding hands as they each also hold a leash for their two dogs by white barn in pennsylvania
engaged couple sitting on the grass with their two pups on their laps on sunny spring evening in pennsylvania
woman in navy blue dress and man in white button-up shirt with blue jeans and their two pups walking towards camera in pennsylvania
engaged couple hugging tightly with their noses touching as they smile at sunset by trees and wheat field in pennsylvania
engaged couple kissing as woman rests her left hand on man's chest by wheat field in pennsylvania
engaged couple kissing as woman rests her left hand on man's chest showing off her engagement ring by white barn in pennsylvania
black and white photo of couple standing in wheat field as woman lays her left cheek on guy's chest in central pennsylvania
engaged couple holding hands with their backs toward the camera as they kiss in wheat field in pennsylvania
woman in bright orange-red dress and man in light dress shirt and jeans standing in wheat field as she hugs him from behind
close up photo of couple touching foreheads with their eyes closed on sunny evening in pennsylvania
guy lifting up his fiance as they kiss in wheat field at sunset in central pennsylvania
man dipping backing his fiance as they kiss at edge of wheat field with mountains in the background in pennsylvania
man holding his woman in his arms off the ground as they kiss by wheat field and mountains in pennsylvania

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