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Vintage Barn at Silverstone Wedding

Jul 27, 2023

Holy moly!

What a dream day for Amanda and Steven’s vintage Barn at Silverstone wedding!

Everything was beau-ti-ful! It was truly a dream day. From the stunning florals that cascaded down the ceremony altar to the gorgeous installation that hung above their reception sweetheart table, the colors were so vibrant. Everything popped whereever you looked. Sandra Porterfield Floral did an unbelievable job bringing all the colors together beautifully! On top of all that gorgeousness, the Kelly Faetanini dress that Amanda was wearing was breathtaking.

I couldn’t stop saying how obsessed I was with it the ENTIRE day.

Just wait till you see below. You will be obsessed, too! The sleeves with all the detail down them made the dress one-of-a-kind! Amanda was breathtaking in it! And the hair style 139 Beauty Co. did to accompany it truly pulled the entire look together.

I will be dreaming about this day for a long time!

However, six days prior to the wedding day, Amanda and Steven were not quite sure how everything was going to work out as beautifully as it did.

There was something else that was a bit more pressing.

Amanda always takes her engagement ring off to sleep and has a spot for it on her night stand. Hidden towards the back corner to keep it protected from herself or the dogs accidentally bumping it in the middle of the night. Their entire engagement there had been no issue with this system she had set up.

But of course, the weekend before the wedding, something had to go wrong.

Amanda woke up Sunday morning and to her complete surprise, the ring was gone. Instantly, she woke Steven. Her first thought was, Daisy, their dog had to have eaten it (Meet Daisy from their engagement session by clicking here). He quickly calmed her and said that it must have just been misplaced and that he would help look for it. After quite a bit of time looking and checking ALL over the floor, still no ring.

The panic started to set in again!

Amanda repeated, “I think Daisy ate the ring!” Steven still not fully believing it agreed to at least call the vet to make sure. Even the doctor as skeptical. He said that typically dogs won’t eat rings. Instead, they will just carry them around and play with them. So it was back to searching.

Still no luck!

Amanda and Steven made an appointment with the vet because there was no other place the ring could be. Daisy was as happy as a clam. Showing no signs of eating something she should not have. But, sure enough, when the x-ray came back, there in her stomach was the engagement ring!

Plain as day!

Now what? Amanda and Steven were headed to Pennsylvania on Wednesday and waiting for the ring to come out naturally could take more that three days sometimes. That wasn’t a risk they were willing to take with the wedding quickly approaching. Luckily, it could be easily removed surgically. By Sunday night, the engagement ring was back on Amanda’s hand, and Daisy was back to being her happy self! And now, instead of saying my dog ate my homework, Amanda can officially say, “My dog ate my engagement ring!”

Nothing like a little stress on wedding week!

Even with all of that, you would never have guessed once their vintage Barn at Silverstone wedding day came around. Amanda and Steven were so relaxed and filled with so much joy. A smile never left either of their faces. It was truly a dream wedding day. Now, these two are packing up and heading to London to live. Talk about a whirlwind of a month! However, these two wouldn’t have it any other way. As long as they are doing it together, they are up for the challenge! Congratulations, you two! I’m already checking flights for when I can come visit you across the pond.

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

photo of couple surrounded by maroon and pink flowers and bride's shoes, earrings, and ring at the barn at silverstone
bride's ivory strappy heels surrounded by maroon, pink, and navy blue flowers in lancaster pa
wedding rings setting in ivory velvet box surrounded by maroon, light pink, and navy blue flowers in lancaster pa
bride smiling as she adjusts her right earring wearing a long-sleeved lacy wedding gown in lancaster county
closeup photo of groom's red, white, and blue boutonniere against his navy blue suit and dark red tie at the barn at silverstone
bride and groom hugging and kissing by white doorway of stone building at the barn at silverstone
closeup photo of bride and groom touching foreheads with their eyes closed by white door at the barn at silverstone
groom twirling his bride under his right hand as he holds her bouquet by white door at the barn at silverstone
closeup photo of bride holding her maroon, pink, and navy blue bridal bouquet in lancaster county
groom leading his bride past white door as they both look back over their left shoulders at the barn at silverstone
bride with her bridal party laughing as they pour champagne at the barn at silverstone
bride surrounded by her bridal party of four girls in red dresses and one guy in tan suit with red tie at the barn at silverstone
closeup photo of bride with her bridal party as they all slightly lean back laughing by white door in lancaster pa
groom surrounded by his five groomsmen wearing shades of gray suits by stone house at the barn at silverstone
groom looking at the camera as his groomsmen look in different directions by front door of home at the barn at silverstone
groomsmen lifting groom off the ground as everyone laughs outside at barn wedding in lancaster  county
black and white photo of groomsmen lifting groom off the ground outside at the barn at silverstone in lancaster pa
bride and groom surrounded by their bridal party outside with tree in background at the barn at silverstone
couple kissing as their bride party surrounds them cheering outside at barn venue in lancaster pa
couple shares their first kiss during outdoor wedding ceremony by stone fireplace at the barn at silverstone
beautiful barn venue with exposed wood beams and lovely floral chandelier at the barn at silverstone
bride and groom sharing their first dance during barn wedding reception as guests watch at the barn at silverstone
bride and groom dancing as they look at each other during first dance inside stone barn in lancaster county
couple touching foreheads under willow tree at the barn at silverstone in lancaster county
couple holding hands and walking towards camera at sunset with white fence behind them at the barn at silverstone
couple standing by pond with their foreheads touching at sunset at the barn at silverstone
bride looking right as groom rests his forehead against her left temple with barn in background venue in lancaster county
couple walking towards camera hugging tightly with small stone barn in background at the barn at silverstone in lancaster pa

The Amazing Vendor Team:

Wedding Dress | A Little Something White

Wedding Dress Designer | Kelly Faetanini

Bridesmaid’s Dress | JJ’s House

Florist | Sandra Porterfield Floral

DJ | DJ Andy M

Hair Stylist | 139 Beauty Co.

Makeup Artist | 139 Beauty Co.

Invitations | The Knot

Caterer | John Serock Catering

Wedding Cake | The Master’s Baker

Venue | The Barn at Silverstone

Rental Decor and Styling | Treasured Events

Wedding Planner | The Barn at Silverstone

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