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Philadelphia Summer Engagement Session

Aug 3, 2023

“Welcome to Philadelphia!” Did you know how much history lives in this one city?

Andi and Tye’s Philadelphia summer engagement session was like having my very own tour guide.

Tye is a guide for a tour bus company during the holidays. So throughout the entire session, he was telling me facts about all different buildings in the area. It was my very own history class, and I loved it! I think I need to work this into my business plan, so I can learn all the history around the United States. I’ll bring the camera, you bring the knowledge.

A perfect marketing plan.

Not only did I learn so much at their session, I also laughed more than I can remember doing at a session! These two are hilarious! Plus, they can quote movies and shows like it is their jobs. Tye and Andi can remember so many hilarious quotes. I would be telling them to do something for the shot, and all of a sudden, one or both of them would recite a line and then start busting up laughing.

It was hilarious and adorable all at the same time.

Most of the time, I had no idea what they were referencing (hello, horrible memory for that type of thing), so I would just stand there so confused. But I was totally fine with it. To see the two of them interact and just have so much fun together was the absolute best.

There was never a dull moment during their Philadelphia summer engagement session.

Tye was actually a groomsmen in one of my weddings last year. (You can check that wedding out here). It was so great getting to know him and Andi on that day, and then when they reached out about their wedding, I was stoked! These two are just full of energy, and I already knew we were going to hit it off so well! Which we did instantly at their session. Laughs within the first minute! I could have spent the entire evening chatting with these two and learning all about Philadelphia. I cannot wait for their wedding day back at this very same area in November 2024! As you scroll through these photos, just imagine a white dress and a dapper suit!

You can count me in for that!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

guy hugging girl from behind as she looks back smiling at him near independence hall in pennsylvania
engaged couple holding hands as they look at each other in front of independence hall in philly
couple holding hands and walking along path near independence hall in philadelphia
guy holding girl's chin as they kiss by white hydrangea bush in philadelphia pennsylvania
engaged couple laughing as they both look left by white hydrangea bush in philly
black and white photo of woman twirling under guy's left hand by tall building in philadelphia pennsylvania
guy dipping girl back as they kiss and she's wearing light blue flowy dress by brick building in philadelphia
guy resting his forehead against girl's right temple with his back to camera and she's looking at camera by brick building in philly
couple holding hands in yard with guy in tan shirt and jeans and girl in brown top and jeans with brick building behind them in philly
black and white photo of girl hugging her guy from behind as they both smile in philadelphia
engaged couple walking towards camera with arms around each other with white building behind them in southeastern pennsylvania
engaged couple hugging and smiling at each other behind colorful hydrangea bushes in philly
black and white photo of girl holding guy's hand and leading as she looks back by fountain in philadelphia, pa

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