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Joyful Pinnacle Overlook Engagement Session

Jul 21, 2023

Have you ever heard the fun saying that often times a dog looks like its owner? Somehow the owner just gravitates toward a dog breed that, when you look closely, resembles them. I always was just so skeptical about this, but the more I look for it, the more times than not it is true.

Crazy how it works out that way.

In the photography world, instead of a dog resembling the couple, it’s the engagement session location. Where a couple selects to have their engagement photos says a lot about who they are. You can almost predict what they like to do based off of the location. Take Kendel and Gregory, for an example. Their joyful Pinnacle Overlook engagement session instantly throws out hints of who they are as a couple.

Could you think of some?

They love the outdoors. Enjoy hiking and exploring. Taking in the nature all around them. May even have a little thrill seeker in them. I love that one choice can tell me so much about a couple. It’s one of the biggest things we love to do here at HMP! Get to know each of our couples.

We want to feel like an extra bridesmaid on your wedding day!

I may have had a slight head start with Kendel because we actually worked together when I was an architectural designer. Our cubicles were very close to each other, so we chatted almost everyday. She is such a sweet person! Then when you pair Gregory with her, it just gets sweeter! These two couldn’t take their eyes off each other. Which we totally support. We want it to feel like we almost are not there, and it’s just you two having a date together.

Kendel and Gregory did just that!

In between each pose, they were constantly laughing and chatting. It was so special to just watch them be them! Kailyn and Jenna from the HMP Team had the absolute best time. These two made capturing their relationship a breeze! The countdown is on for May 2024 and their Brick Gables wedding! Their joyful Pinnacle Overlook engagement session was the sneak preview!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

engaged couple hugging tightly atop large rock overlooking the susquehanna river at pinnacle point overlook
woman resting her left cheek on man's right shoulder as she hugs his right arm on large rock by river at pinnacle overlook in lancaster county
woman in tan sweater and jeans holding onto her man's right arm and resting her cheek on his shoulder at pinnacle overlook
black and white photo of couple facing each other holding hands on path surrounded by trees at pinnacle point
diamond engagement ring resting on cluster of tiny yellow flowers at pinnacle point overlook in lancaster pa
guy lifting girl off the ground as she looks down at him by fence and trees at pinnacle point
girl in pink dress and guy in navy blue shirt and khaki pants sitting on steps by fence at pinnacle point overlook in holtwood pa
engaged couple standing close holding hands atop large rock overlook the susquehanna river at pinnacle overlook on hazy day
couple sitting together and smiling on large rock atop pinnacle point overlook on hazy day in lancaster county
guy twirling girl under his left arm atop big boulder with river below and trees in background at pinnacle point overlook

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