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Best of 2021 Weddings

Jan 5, 2022

Best of 2021 Weddings

Where did 2021 go? I seriously feel like as I get older my years feel shorter and shorter.

I blinked, and it was December.

Although another year is gone, it means that it’s time for my end of year recaps! I am seriously so excited to relive all the memories from weddings, engagement sessions, senior sessions, and bloopers that I have had along the way! You all are seriously in for a treat! Grab some popcorn because it’s time to dive in.

First up: Weddings!

2021 brought new venues, new “friendors” (vendor friends), and even more incredible HMP weddings. In total, I had 19 weddings this past year, and I’m so excited to share some of my favorites in this Best of 2021 Weddings blog post.

Are you ready for this?

This year was a bit unique compared to others. For a few of my couples, it was my second time photographing their wedding day. I had already done an intimate wedding for them back in 2020, due to the life of COVID. Although I am ready for that all to be in the past, I must admit, doing two wedding days with my couples was a HUGE plus.

Double the time with them? Sign me up!

It was so fun coming back again and already knowing their bridal party and family. It truly felt like we had all grown up together. I was able to catch up with their friends and give extra hugs to their moms, and crack a few more jokes with the dads! Definitely a positive benefit in comparison to all the negativity surrounding the pandemic.
On the other hand, I had some couples book me at the start of 2021 and had their weddings later that same year! It was instant connections with each of them and long friendships to remain! None of them felt like we had only met a couple months ago. It is so crazy how we just clicked so quickly!

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

It just goes to show that no matter if I have been with them on this journey for two years or six months, I truly build such a close connection with each of my couples! It is seriously the best part of my job! We call each other family and stay connected for years after! Some of my 2021 couples are even expecting, so 2022 brings even more exciting surprises ahead!

Feeling so blessed!

Putting this blog post together brought up so many memories that will stay with me forever! I seriously can’t wait for you to scroll through my absolute favorites of each day! Which photo is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.
Who knows, some day it may be you showing up in my Best of Weddings blog post!

XOXO ~ Heather Marie

bride holding red, pink, and white bouquet in front of her and looking down at it as she smiles at antrim 1844 in maryland white bridal shoes displayed atop white veil bride holding colorful floral bouquet and looking down at adorable flower girl who is spinning to make her dress flare out by wooden church door groom's light brown dress shoes on display surrounded by light purple tie, charcoal gray watch inside box, and rose and eucalyptus boutonnerie bride and groom sharing their first dance during reception inside lovely barn venue with exposed wooden beams on the ceiling and gorgeous chandelier above them backs of groom and bride toward camera as he leans in to kiss her on her right cheek as she looks back as they stand by field bride and groom hunched over running under the raised arms of their bridal party standing in two rows and moving towards camera overhead photo of bridal bouquet sitting on gray wooden floor filled with white peonies, light pink roses, and eucalyptus bride's diamond and pearl dangly earrings resting inside bright orange dahlia close up photo of bride's bouquet filled with white roses, other white flowers, and silver dollar eucalyptus bride adjusting her earring and looking down smiling in spaghetti strap white wedding gown in bridal suite at county club bride and groom kissing on wooden dock with their backs toward the camera by beautiful bay on sunny summer day groom and bride kiss in downtown lancaster city with her long bridal veil blowing around them and in front of camera bride smiling at the camera with veil blowing behind her and stunning colorful bouquet displayed in front of her by wooden door bride hugging her father during first look moment by rustic barn at walnut grove farms in york pennsylvania rustic barn wedding reception beautifully decorated with white linens draped from the ceiling and chandelier on display groom adjusting his cuff link as he and his groomsmen all walk towards camera on fairway at north jersey country club groom and bride looking at each other smiling as they walk toward camera holding their two dogs on tree-lined property groom and bride kissing by unique clock at the north jersey country club with bride's long veil blowing behind her bride and groom kissing with their arms resting on one another in front of white fence with sun setting behind them close up photo of groom and bride wearing traditional brightly colored indian wedding attire with their arms wrapped around one another with pond behind thembride and groom standing outside with house with chimney behind them surrounded by their wedding party diamond engagement ring in the center with diamond wedding ring to the left and groom's black wedding band to the right with white and purple flowers in background groom adjusting his tie with both hands and looking left in front of beautiful white home with black shutters at antrim 1844 venue black and white photo of groom dipping back his bride as they kiss in between two rows of guests holding up long sparklers above them bride standing in white bridal suite wearing off-the-shoulder white gown with her left hand holding out the dress train bride standing in front of large wooden church doors with right shoulder toward camera as she looks down at bouquet and long veil blows behind her bride and groom kissing and hugging by antique dark green pick-up truck on sunny wedding day groom and bride hugging tightly with their foreheads touching in front of white gazebo with bright summer sunset shining behind them bride adjusts her toddler son's black bowtie as they smile standing beside rustic barn in pennsylvania bride surrounded by her five bridesmaids wearing light blue gowns and everyone holding bouquets by historic stone building groom and bride walking towards camera and looking at each other as they leave reception surrounded by guests holding sparklers at nighttime groom with his groomsmen all wearing light gray suits with purple ties and walking toward camera with hands in pockets and looking in different directions by white barn groom walking towards camera with right hand holding edge of his black tuxedo jacket by stone archways of catholic church guests dancing with their backs toward one another during indoor wedding reception with colorful lighting in background bride and groom kiss during their wedding ceremony with beautiful pond, willow tree, and geometric archway behind them bride and groom surrounded by their bridal party as they all huddle together smiling and leaning in with trees behind them bride and groom prepare for their first look with old wooden door in between them as they hold hands and smile guests dancing during reception and guy hugging bridesmaid wearing light blue gown bride standing slightly in front of bridesmaids who are wearing light purple gowns and all holding bouquets by white barn door bride and groom walking silly towards camera along paved tree-lined pathway on sunny wedding day bride holding beautiful bouquet and looking out white window in rustic barn bridal suite in pennsylvania bride and groom hugging as groom rests his head against left side of bride's face along sidewalk by house at backyard wedding bride with right shoulder towards camera looking back and smiling as she holds bouquet and her gown is displayed on the lawn bride and groom kissing outside venue at nighttime surrounded by their guests holding sparklers up high groom dipping back his bride as they kiss during outdoor wedding ceremony at lauxmont farms by floral archway bride in white sleeveless gown surrounded by bridesmaids in dark teal sleeveless gowns all leaning in holding white bouquets bride and groom kissing along brick road in lancaster city by row of brick homes bride kissing groom's left cheek from behind as he looks back at her smiling with white fence in background on sunny day bride standing on dock by water on bright sunny day with long veil blow all around her in new jersey bride adjusting her right earring and smiling as she looks off into the distance smiling by gray wallbride and groom hugging outdoors with long veil blowing behind her as they're surrounded by blooming eastern redbud trees bride smiling at camera as groom rests his forehead on her left temple and she's holding bouquet filled with white flowers and silver dollar eucalyptus close up photo of bride in white gown and bridesmaids in light purple dresses all holding bouquets filled with white and light purple roses and silver dollar eucalyptus bride's grandma kissing her right cheek as they hold hands inside white bridal suite on wedding day bride in white wedding gown surrounded by bridesmaids wearing light green dresses all lean in and smile at camera as they hold orange and white bouquets bride and groom share their first dance inside beautiful rustic barn wedding venue as guests smile and watch them bride and groom kissing as she leans backward slightly with sunset in background at the barn at silverstone bride and groom standing at end of dock by lake with bride hugging groom from behind as he looks back at her groom dancing and smiling during wedding reception surrounded by guests with large chandelier and pink lighting in the background groom standing along sidewalk outside of home wearing blue suit and holding edge of his suit coat with right hand close up photo of bride and bridesmaid bouquets filled with red, maroon, light pink, and white roses groom smiles as he sees his bride for the first time on their wedding day on front porch of lovely home groom leading his bride along brick pathway as she holds bouquet at beautifully manicured property on sunny day bride looking down at left hand resting on edge of her off-the-shoulder white wedding gown by bright window bride with her bridesmaids wearing light blue gowns all walking towards camera and smiling and looking at each other as they hold bouquets outside church doors bride and groom standing with their parents outside country club venue on beautiful wedding day groom wearing black suit with white shirt and black bow tie holding onto edge of suit coat with right hand and smiling bride and groom standing along white split-rail fence kissing at the barn at silverstone in lancaster pennsylvania bride and groom standing together with their bridal party standing beside them by tall tree at the willows groom and his groomsmen dancing and holding drinks during wedding reception as they all wear white dress shirts and black pants with suspenders groom and bride hugging and smiling by white wall at the silk mill on main in new holland pennsylvania groom kissing bride as she looks over left shoulder and her long white veil swirls around them with trees and sunset in background bride surrounded by her bridesmaids wearing lavender gowns as they all hold white bouquets inside arched walkway of catholic church groom lifting his bride off they ground as they kiss along dirt road at lauxmont farms in york county pennsylvania bride smiling at camera as her bridesmaids smile at her in their red dresses with everyone holding flower bouquets groom twirling his bride under his left arm as she holds out her dress train with her left hand on rainy wedding day by stone building bride and groom standing beside teal classic car almost kissing with red barn behind them at the farm at eagles ridge groom and bride standing close with groom's back toward camera and bride looking over left shoulder at the silk mill on main in new holland pennsylvania groom beginning to cry as he watches his bride come down the aisle with his best man beside him groom and bride dancing and having fun during wedding reception with some guests around themgroom and bride smiling as they're just about to kiss with her white veil swirling around them groom slightly dipping his bride back as they kiss standing on golf green at country club in new jersey on sunny day bride hugging her groom from behind and looking up at him as he smiles and looks at the camera by garden path bride and groom kissing as their wedding party surrounds them cheering with arms extended in excitement at lauxmont farms groom and bride kissing outside beautiful stone church on bright day in pennsylvania groom kissing his bride on her right cheek as she smiles at camera while they standing in meadow of tall wild grasses at the willows in strasburg pennsylvania bride and groom share their first dance at reception on black and white checkered floor by fireplace bride and groom surrounded by their families on sunny summer day under willow tree bride and groom walking towards camera as he holds bouquet and watches her as he smiles and she flares out her dress train with her right hand bride and groom standing on front steps of home kissing at antrim 1844 wedding bride and her father dancing during wedding reception as guest watch from perimeter of the room bridesmaids hugging with one pointing at the camera as they smile wearing mauve gowns during reception bride wearing white gown with her dress train displayed surrounded by bridesmaids in light blue gowns all with their backs toward camera at the mill at manor falls groom dips his bride back as they kiss and she's holding bouquet in her right hand in grassy field at lauxmont farms in pennsylvania groom sitting on white folding chair and leaning left elbow on his left knee as he smiles wearing dark blue suit lovely diamond earrings nestled into white peony flower with light pink background beautiful wedding cake with two layers and covered in mauve and pink roses bride looking toward right shoulder with her back towards her bridesmaids as they all smile in bridal suite at country club in new jersey bride's white shoes with blue detailing sitting on lace by beautiful pink and white bridal bouquet bride and groom kissing as they hold onto one another surrounded by their wedding guests who are holding sparklers outside venue


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